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Kids Place Parental Control MOD APK v3.9.40 (Premium Unlocked)

Kids Place Parental Control MOD APK v3.9.40 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 24-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Kids Place Parental Control
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About Kids Place Parental Control MOD APK

It is a fact that you cannot prevent your child from being exposed to the phone. But there is a way for you to control what your kids are watching. I will introduce you to Kids Place Parental Control MOD APK. This application is suitable for all types of Android mobile devices. Nowadays, children’s generation is increasingly exposed to phones, tablets, computers, etc. The worrying thing is that on the internet, there will be information that is not suitable for their age, even many children are deceived and manipulated by bad people. In order for this situation not to appear, it is imperative that parents take measures. Publisher kiddoware has launched this application with the desire to be able to help parents in the process of raising and educating their children.

Limit what your kids can see

In the interface that the application provides to the user, you are free to install the appropriate applications for your child. It can be entertainment games, it can also be an information search page for children, an educational site, a skill training page. So how to control your child in this interface area? By setting a lock PIN for the app. To exit the application or switch to another application, a lock code is required. Keep this passcode secret so you have complete control over what your child is watching.

Manage usage time

Using electronic devices too much, continuously will affect the brain of children. If you leave your child entertained for too long, it can lead to laziness. Therefore, parents have the right to set the time allowed to use this application. When the time is up, the application will automatically lock again. This is also a suggestion for you to set rewards for children. For example, when completing an assignment on time, you will be entertained for 30 minutes. This is very beneficial for children, training time management skills.

Malicious ad blocker

In some games, the application you install will appear hidden links to download other applications, or advertising that is not age appropriate. Rest assured that Kids Place Parental Control helps you put an end to this situation. The application automatically scans and censors downloads. Build layers of security to prevent malicious ad infiltration. Any apps that have not been approved by you cannot be downloaded. The plus point for this application is that it has a friendly interface that attracts children’s eyes.

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