Knightin’+ MOD APK 1.2.4 (Paid)

Last updated: 23/06/2021 (3 months ago)

Latest Version1.2.4
MOD InfoPaid
PublisherCrescent Moon Games
PackageGoogle Play Link

Knightin’+ APK is a role-playing game that allows players to transform into a legendary warrior named Lootalot. Download to your Android phone to have a great experience right now!

Introducing Knightin’+ APK

Knightin'+ APK

If you are too bored with modern 3D games, then perhaps Knightin’+ will be a must-see substitute. With pixel graphics of the 90s, Knightin’+ will give players a feeling of both new and familiar. New because you will probably find it difficult to find a game with classic 2D pixel graphics anymore, gamers around the world are too accustomed to sharp, realistic images. But they are very familiar to people of the previous generation, with games like Contra, Mario,…

In addition to the 2D pixel graphics, the gameplay of Knightin’+ is also very attractive and interesting. You will be transformed into a hero Lootalot with the sword as the main weapon. Overcome thousands of challenges, defeat the final boss and get the rewards. Join us to find out more details about this game in the article below!

Simple but attractive gameplay

Knightin'+ APK

With the 3rd perspective, you can overview the map to make the most accurate decisions in each action. Each level has difficulties that need you to solve. Sometimes it’s killing monsters, clearing traps, solving puzzles,… or integrating them all. You can attack the monsters with the sword in hand, or you can buy other items such as magic sticks, shields,… in the store to make it easier to play through the level. The hero only has a certain amount of health, if too many hits kill the health bar to 0, the level will end.

The challenges in Knightin’+ are very unique and creative, the difficulty will increase with each level. You will be trained in agility, thinking skills through each game screen. After a certain number of single scenes will appear a boss with formidable strength. Each boss has its own special move, you have to find its strengths and weaknesses right in the battle to have a chance to win.


The battle scenes such as slashing swords, building shields,… all have pretty standard sound and effects. But the soundtrack of Knightin’+ is the part that makes the most impression. Sometimes it is very gentle, melodious in the scenes of discovery and puzzle. Sometimes very fast and powerful in battle scenes.


Knightin'+ APK

Each dungeon, the castle has different types of monsters. Each type has different fighting skills to help you not get bored during the experience. Lootalot is originally blue, but you can also change it by purchasing a new color in the store.

In addition to the highlight of 2D pixel graphics, scenes of ancient castles, dungeons,… in Lootalot are also designed quite eye-catching. The color of the game is also quite harmonious.

Knightin version’+ APK

Currently the game is being officially released on Google Play at a price of $3.99. This price is completely worth the experience that the game brings. But if you are not economical, you can use our version, it is completely free and still has all the latest features from the publisher.

Download Knightin’+ APK for Android

An extremely attractive classic puzzle adventure game right. The latest link has been updated by us below the article, if you have any difficulty during the installation process, please leave a comment for the fastest support!