Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory

v1.3 • MOD Stupid bots
December 25, 2020

Train the strongest warriors, show your fighting ability in Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory MOD APK. This is a great game for you to prove yourself through medieval battles. Download now the latest version of this game and experience it.

Overview information

PublisherVivid Games S.A.
MOD FeaturesStupid bots
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Introducing Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory

Knights Fight 2 Honor Glory MOD APK

Following the success of the previous version, this time Vivid Games S.A decided to release the next version called Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory. Coming to this game, the fans will continue to participate in medieval arenas with fierce, competitive battles. Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory has a compact size, only about 48MB, suitable for all Android devices from 5.0 and up. In addition, this game also contains violent images, so it is not suitable for children under 12 years old.


Knights Fight 2 Honor Glory MOD APK

Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory opens gamers to many PvP matches against the most ruthless opponents. Your enemies can be anyone, from knights, heroes champions to evil warlords and kings. Pick up your sword and finish off the enemy with one kick. You can do whatever it takes to win. Most of the battles in Knights Fight 2 are duels. In order to win quickly, I recommend that you be proactive and have a smart strategy. Your opponents will be very brutal, so don’t hold back on them.

Control system

Knights Fight 2 Honor Glory MOD APK

Knights Fight 2 is a fighting game that is shown from a 3rd person perspective. This will help you have the best overview in a battle. The controls are also very simple, most of the buttons are already displayed on the interface. In it, the joystick button on the left side allows the character to move left/right/jump up. Two buttons on the right side of the interface allow your character to attack and dodge the opponent’s moves. Also, don’t forget to follow the two analog sticks above the interface. These two bars represent the status of the character and the opponent. Try not to let your analog stick get depleted.


In Knights Fight 2, there will be no teammates, only you and your sword and tireless fighting spirit. To increase combat power in levels, choosing a good weapon is a necessity. This game offers you an arsenal of weapons with a variety of equipment. The types of swords, axes, knives, marks combined with equipment such as hats, gloves, armor, shoes. In particular, the items have their own stats and many also provide special abilities such as increased damage, armor penetration, poisoning,…

MOD APK version of Knights Fight 2

MOD feature

  • Stupid bots.

Download Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory MOD APK for Android

In medieval times, battles of roses between knights or dynasties were all too familiar. It’s time to pick up your sword and prove yourself to everyone. Overall, Knights Fight 2: Honor & Glory is a game worth trying, especially for those who are looking for new things in the fighting genre. Download this exciting game right away from the link we provide below and experience it.