If you are a fan of photo filters, sharing photos without adding a few layers of beauty effects is obviously a taboo. The best photo editing apps to help you live virtual are numerous, but KUNI Cam MOD (Premium) is very different. What makes a photo perfect? Of course, it is indispensable to have the right composition, lighting, and focus point.

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But above all, a soulful photo is an important element based on the filter that creates the color of an image. No matter how much you are a professional photographer, it is important to correct the colors of your artwork. Let’s take a look at what features we would like to introduce, what makes the photo so varied.

Introducing KUNI Cam

Currently, on the market, there are many professional image editing applications such as VSCO, Huji Cam, B612, … These applications often bring us eye-catching filters. Along with that feature photographic filter insert allows users to be able to preview the image color before shooting. One of my trusted applications is KUNI Cam, released by GinnyPix. This application gives users endless filters. KUNI Cam also allows you to add your effects in real-time, both before and during the shoot.

Professional editing


As well as professional photo editing application VSCO, our KUNI Cam application provides users with detailed editing modes. Users can edit the image balance, add grain, white balance, iso, the contrast of the image, … Moreover, it also recreates image details with image sharpening mode. In addition, the application also allows users to use 10 free filters available to create a professional photo. For art people, 10 filters are not enough. Users can unlock an additional 180 filters by upgrading to the Premium version.

Take a look at the photos with the basic colors, you will see it is normal. With the KUNI Cam app, it is possible to create a distinctive highlight by adding light trails to photos. These light trails have a rainbow effect that looks very fancy, giving the photo a mood. Not only that, but you can also add a white dust effect to increase the classic of an image.

Another feature that few photo editing applications have is that is adding 3D effects to the image. Users can use this feature to make photos become more blurry when creating the shadow of the image.

Endless filter

KUNI Cam Premium

KUNI Cam application allows you to edit photo filters by moving your finger on the touch screen. It’s simple and interesting. As mentioned above, this app provides users with 10 available color filters. To unlock 180 additional color filters, users need to spend an amount of $ 1.5 for the KUNI Cam Premium version. You will not be limited by 10 filters anymore, but instead, have dozens of color filters for you to choose from. Create artistic images with just a few basic operations. Moreover, the application also allows adding color filters to the video. What not many photo editing applications have.

KUNI Cam Premium

In the free version, users can use 10 basic filters selected by KUNI. However, this number for some users is enough to create a beautiful photo. But for art lovers, 10 filters are not enough. To get the art and classic colors, users must upgrade to the Premium version of KUNI Cam.

Features when unlocking KUNI Premium:

  • Unlocked 180 additional color filters.
  • Unlock countless different lighting effects.
  • Create color formulas, professional editing formulas with presets.
  • Apply effects to videos.


Above are a few assessments through our use of KUNI Cam. It can be said that this is one of the best photo and photo editing apps I have ever used. Let’s take pictures and add filters that we can preview before clicking capture. With an endless filter system of 190 filters, allows users to edit photos and videos professionally. With just a few simple steps, you can also become an expert in photography.

Ready to download KUNI Cam Premium

Currently, KUNI Cam is being released on major mobile app stores. You can easily download it by visiting the Google Play app store. However, to upgrade to the Premium version, users need to spend an amount of $ 1.5 to unlock the entire filter with advanced functions. Therefore, we have provided a free version to help users get the experience of the paid version. By selecting the link below and clicking the Download button to be able to own the application.