Last Pirate
Last Pirate

Last Pirate Mod APK v1.8.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Free Craft, No Hunger) Download

App Name Last Pirate
Mod Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Free Craft, No Hunger
Version 1.8.3
Size 191M
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Last Pirate MOD APK is a relatively new survival game in terms of context and gameplay. Download this interesting game right away from the link below and start participating in the survival journey on any desert island.

Last Pirate MOD APK

Last Pirate MOD APK

Survival is always a genre loved by a large community of gamers. Referring to this genre, you will probably immediately think of PUPG or Rules of Survival,… But absolutely not, today I will introduce you to a very new survival game Last Pirate. Survive on an abandoned peninsula, without the help of anyone else. Food sources are running out, the danger is stalking you everywhere. Are you ready to challenge life on this deserted peninsula?

This is a game released by RetroStyle Game UA. As a developer is relatively new to gamers, but the Last Pirate is quite a successful game in terms of both graphics and gameplay. After only a short time of launch, the game quickly owns thousands of downloads and a rating of 4.2/5 stars on Google Play.

Attractive plot

Last Pirate is a story about the arduous journey to survive on a wild peninsula. Initially, he was a captain who owned a large ship and many of his brothers set sail. Unfortunately, one day a storm came and caused the boat to capsize. The crew members were all missing. Only you are lucky to survive.

Woke up in the middle of a deserted beach, in front of a ruin. No people, no food, no relief… If it were you, what would you do to keep living?

How to play Last Pirate?

Last Pirate MOD APK

Last Pirate is the perfect combination of survival and catching guns. That is, you will not only survive by finding food and water but also have to fight to protect your fate. The ferocious wild animals can appear anywhere and attack you at any time. The only way to keep yourself safe is to always be ready to fight. Take advantage of the early morning to build a tent. Because the night comes, things are even scarier when the zombies can appear and eat you. If you have not completed the hut, immediately hide in trees or abandoned houses before the sun falls or you will become food for the monsters.

Deal with hunger

Last Pirate MOD APK

The island has a decent source of food, but nothing is free. You have to work hard to find new foods. Bananas, coconuts, are definitely great suggestions to help you deal with hunger. However, sometimes hunt a few chickens, catch some fish,… to supplement protein to avoid health exhaustion.

Create your own weapon

With the food problem solved, it’s time to make your own self-defense weapons. If you want to use long-range weapons, make bows. They will definitely be very helpful in approaching an opponent early without being detected. The knives are the best melee weapon.

Last Pirate MOD APK version

Although living on a deserted island, but some items you still need to spend money to buy. However, life is too difficult, you do not have enough money to buy them. Don’t worry, with the Last Pirate MOD APK version we provide will help you own unlimited money.

Download Last Pirate MOD APK for Android

If you have any questions during the installation process please contact us immediately and don’t forget to leave a comment about your experience below.

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