Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory MOD APK

September 14, 2020

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory MOD APK is one of the best games in 2020 when combining tactical and action role-playing. With intense and exciting dungeon conquest battles, it’s hard to miss this fascinating game on your Android device.

Overview information

PublisherFunboom Games
MOD FeaturesInstant Kill, Immortal
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Introduce about Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

Legion of Ace Chaos Territory MOD APK

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory is a strategy game mixed with a unique role-playing style. The game was released by Funboom Games. Allows players to adventure in full of dungeons with loads of things to do. Fast-paced games give you a great experience to improve your strengths. Let’s start the dungeon exploration adventure to become the strongest lord.


Our Gaia kingdom is under the threat of Dragons and dangerous monsters. They come from the dungeons of time being brought to the kingdom with the intention of destroying the kingdom.

A group of heroes with special powers meets. With courage and wisdom, they planned a war to protect the Gaia kingdom. From a small initial group, they gradually developed into an army. They include brave warriors, ready to sacrifice to bring good things to life to come. Your mission is to make sure they are strong enough to fight until the kingdom regains its original peace.


Legion of Ace Chaos Territory Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the magical magic kingdom in Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory, players will become an emperor of the land of countless mysterious creatures. Gather a powerful army to fight against a dangerous enemy in Legion of Ace. You can recruit heroes with different fighting skills and strengths to fight against the ferocious wild creatures raging in the kingdom.

Selection among tribes: Humans, Hell, Orc, Forest come all over the territory, players need to take advantage of their strategic tactics to control the general against the conspiracy of the evil forces to destroy the kingdom. In this mobile game, players can also invoke great warriors like Athena, Aurora, Hercules, Artemis, Ourea, and Baal to bless and win epic battles.

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory is a relatively easy game to play. The game also supports automatic systems, speed up fighting,… The Guild system helps create powerful alliances to increase interaction with many players at the same time. This is definitely a game not to be missed for those who are passionate about strategy.

Squad and strategy


In this game, players can deploy more than 40+ tactical epic formation. Extremely diverse game modes such as SSR Squads, Dungeon Conqueror, Guild & Cross-Server Battles and Legend HolySouls create more challenging levels for players to enjoy. In addition, the mysterious items also support the characters to increase the power of attack, defense and mutation in the gameplay.

Players can deploy formations and combine powers between heroes to win fast-paced battles. In a game screen, you can use a squad including ATK, DEF, Assault, Magic, Archer. You can upgrade your character’s skills and strength. Combine that with your tactics to bring glory to the kingdom.


Legion of Ace graphics

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory uses excellent 3D graphics. Every detail is designed to be eye-catching and impressive. One plus point for this game is that it does not require a lot of configuration. That means you can experience the game on even low-end devices smoothly. Moreover, the skill effects when exploding are very satisfying. Gacha mode brings many surprises for players who have a hobby of collecting loot.

MOD APK version of Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

MOD features

  • Ver1: Swordsman.mod
    1. Every Unit are instant dead (You and your enemy)
    2. Immortal Swordsman (beginning Char)
  • Ver2: Griffon.mod
    1. Every Unit are instant dead (You and your enemy)
    2. Immortal Griffon Rider (beginning Char)

Install Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory MOD APK + OBB

To install Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory MOD, you need to do a few steps below.

  1. Delete the installed original version.
  2. Download the file Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory MOD APK + OBB below this article.
  3. Unzip “main.115.com.loact.slg.rpg.zip” and move “main.115.com.loact.slg.rpg” to the Android/OBB folder.
  4. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  5. Open and experience.

If you have any questions about APK installation, feel free to leave your comments below this article.

Download Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory MOD APK + OBB for Android

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