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Update on February 2, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

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Lensa Mod APK (Premium Unlocked) is an image editing application that creates true sharpness and changes colors to make your photos as vivid as possible.

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Lensa Mod APK provides users with advanced editing tools that ensure the best image quality. Photo editing is not as difficult as you think. It is not only for photo designers but also for amateurs. Because now, with the smart technology that Lensa applies, I am sure that you only need a few taps in a short time to create a masterpiece of art. The application of the publisher Prisma Labs has so far attracted hundreds of downloads on the Google Play Store.


Coming to Lensa, you definitely have to use the skin regeneration feature. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful skin, but sometimes some flaws will follow us forever. So, if you have appeared on a star frame, do not let everyone see your most beautiful figure. This application will recognize the human face in the photo you post. From there, provide the skin correction feature. Users can choose to edit manually or edit automatically. For red spots or scars on the skin, I think you should use the manual tool. It will help you cover the flaws more realistically. And applying the automatic feature makes the entire skin background more synchronized. No one can detect the skin that has gone through the retouching steps.


A beautiful portrait is, of course, indispensable without beautiful eyes. Don’t let the red-eye problem become a concern for your photos. Because Lensa can help make it disappear completely. There’s also a manual push-button for editing that’s more intuitive to the user. Some people don’t get the brow shape they love. But rest assured because Lensa also provides you with eyebrow contouring features to increase your charisma. Cropping or highlighting is your choice.


Have you ever encountered the problem of taking photos in a crowded place, and it seems difficult for you to stand out amid a sea of ​​people? Lensa will completely solve this problem. This application has an automatic background remover and then applies a new background image to the photo. Some strokes of automatic background removal are not very reasonable, so please edit them manually to make them look more realistic and professional. Set wallpaper templates with various themes, including modern, classic, textured, or simple backgrounds. I’m sure you will choose a background pattern that matches the outfit and makeup in the photo. With a single touch, all backgrounds will change.


The input image also needs attention to get a good-quality output image. Lensa also supports the camera and guides the user to select the aspect ratio through the scaling overlay. Users will manually align the angle of the top, bottom, left, and right to their liking. After taking the picture, you can still crop the square image, overflow the screen, etc. The image’s brightness and contrast adjustment feature will change the whole image. Even Lensa gives users a hair color corrector. Feel free to express your style and personality.


Lensa aims to make it easy for users to manipulate and still get beautiful photos as an image editing application. So the interface of the application is not too picky. It is divided into large sections, and then within each section, there are sets of parameters for you to edit in more detail. In addition, any new tools are introduced to users by Lensa for you to enjoy all the benefits. However, upgrading to a Premium account is necessary to unlock all features. Blur the background around to highlight the main character in the center of the frame. After editing, please save it to your device’s memory or share it directly.


  • Lensa is a photo editing app with a detailed set of tools for the best portraits on Android mobile devices.
  • Improve the resolution of your photos to get sharp and realistic pictures.
  • Adjusting the color of the entire frame, the color saturation gives the image a dramatic overlay.
  • Completely remove the defects on the facial skin, making your eyes deep and attractive to the viewer.
  • Easily share on other social platforms to let your friends, relatives, or even strangers see your work.
  • Many additional features come to support quick and convenient editing work.

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