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Return to the post-apocalyptic world with familiar survival gameplay in Let’s Survive MOD APK. Only the strongest and fastest can survive in this world full of zombies and bloodthirsty creatures.

Introduce about Let’s Survive

The zombie action genre continues to welcome a new member called Let’s Survive from publisher TREASTONE LTD. Coming to Let’s Survive, you will be participating in a post-apocalyptic survival war full of danger around you. Survive in the world with depleted food resources, craft weapons, destroy zombie hordes and complete assigned missions. That’s all you need to do. With the familiar gameplay, so what does Let’s Survive have unique features to stand out in this increasingly saturated action genre? Please join me in following the article below to find out.

The gameplay is bold for survival

The gameplay of Let’s Survive is not only fighting, survival factors are also mentioned a lot. After the tragedy, everything was destroyed. Food is scarce, there is no clean water and you even have to deal with dense radiation density. Your character is just a normal person, so do not be hungry and sick for a long time. Regular monitoring of life metrics such as hunger, thirst, health, and radiation levels is the best way to survive under these conditions.

During the day, you will have to collect useful items and resources. Although the density of zombies during the day is not as high as at night, you always have to be wary because they can appear anywhere. And being bitten by them also means the game is over. Always having a weapon with you is the best way to protect yourself.

Base construction

The night is when your activity is limited and is a golden time to go “hunting” zombies. So, try to take advantage of the daytime to build solid shelters, solid walls to withstand the zombie attack.

Forming coalition groups

Besides you, there are also some other lucky survivors. You can choose to survive alone or form alliances with other players. You won’t have to fight alone anymore. Moreover, forming an alliance also helps to receive more valuable rewards and increase survival rates.

Complete daily tasks

If the manual resource gathering is not of maximum benefit, you can complete the tasks assigned by the system. This will help you get more currency, resources and other useful items. In addition, defeating the boss zombies will give you rare and rich items. But they are not easily defeated. Accumulate enough strength and battle with them to avoid losing the most.


In general, Let’s Survive still has no special features to stand out from the titles of the same genre. However, this game is still doing its job well. Anyway, Let’s Survive has just been released recently, we can be confident about future improvements still being supported and rolling out many other exciting features.

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