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Life in Adventure MOD APK v1.2.14 (Unlocked, Free Ads)

Life in Adventure MOD APK v1.2.14 (Unlocked, Free Ads)

Updated: 24-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Life in Adventure
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Unlocked, Free Ads
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A surprisingly interesting new game called Life in Adventure MOD APK. With its attractive gameplay, I firmly believe that Life in Adventure MOD APK will dispel your boredom immediately. Download the latest version of this game according to the link we provide to experience it right away.

About Life in Adventure MOD APK

Usually, games of the visual novel genre will often have the theme of a love triangle or interesting drama stories. But Life in Adventure has a completely different plot. Coming to Life in Adventure, you will be transformed into an adventurer on your own adventure journey. Difficult and hard are two words that describe your current state, what do you have to do to overcome this expedition alone?

Fascinating adventure story

Life in Adventure provides players with a long story with dozens of chapters, telling about the events that the adventurer encountered on his journey. An engaging plot with many unexpected events will take you from one surprise to another.

First, when entering Life in Adventure, the system will give you two character options. One is that you choose for free and the system will give you a character with a random appearance and stats. However, if you spend gems, you will be able to customize your main character yourself. Items that you can customize include name, gender, appearance, family background, characteristics, combat skills. The first time you play Life in Adventure, you will be free to customize the character, the next time you will have to pay a fee. However, in my opinion, randomly receiving characters also has its advantages. You will approach the plot of Life in Adventure from a new, more challenging perspective.

It all depends on your decision

A special feature of games of this genre is that the plot will change based on the previous decisions of the player. In the final scenes of each event, the system will give two options for the player to decide. Depending on the player’s choices, the next events will take place in a good or bad direction. It also means that this choice also directly affects the ending of the story. So every time you make a decision, you need to think carefully.

Take part in fierce battles

In the expedition, it is indispensable for challenging events such as traps or facing dangerous beasts. And in Life in Adventure, you will also experience such events. Sometimes at the end of each event, the system does not give you two options, but instead you will have to go through a battle with aggressive monsters. If you win them, you will receive a reward including a lot of gold coins.

Weapons and support items

On your exploration journey through dungeons and caves, you will have the opportunity to pick up weapons or armor. They will include simple weapons such as clubs, spears to swords, the armor of all kinds. Keep them because they will be extremely useful when you encounter monsters at the end of that chapter. In case you lose, you will be forced to choose the path to another event or play the chapter from the beginning.

Goals in Life in Adventure and the ranking system

Life in Adventure provides players with categories including defeating monsters, completing the main character’s story chapters, completing minor character’s story chapters, weapon collection, achievements in Life in Adventure. Every time you complete the categories that the game offers, you will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards (there are even gems in them).

In addition, Life in Adventure also converts your achievements in the form of scores. You can invite friends and family to play Life in Adventure and compete with each other in terms of scores. You can also compare rankings with other Life in Adventure players around the world.


Compared to other games of the same genre, Life in Adventure does not possess sharp 3D high-quality graphics. Instead, the graphics are featured pixels. Thanks to that, not only owns an attractive storyline, but the graphics also become a feature that helps Life in Adventure attract players. Although the graphics are pixelated, the images in the game are still meticulously designed in detail, with vivid colors. Sound is a plus for Life in Adventure. Thanks to the catchy tunes, the plot of Life in Adventure is more attractive.

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