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Litmatch APK v6.75.1 (Latest Version) Download

Litmatch APK v6.75.1 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 28-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Litmatch MOD APK is a place where you can meet, find new friends and chat with them easily. Moreover, the feature that allows listening to music together will make your relationship stronger than ever. In this article, let’s learn about Litmatch with MODDER.ME.

Litmatch MOD APK – Anonymous friend application trusted by many people

Litmatch is actually an anonymous social networking application, this is a concept that is still quite foreign to users at the moment. Here, users can share their true feelings without having to worry about information security.

Accordingly, this application also possesses the usual features that another social networking site needs. Typically making friends, watching videos, calling random users at a certain time. After this period, you will decide whether to continue the relationship with the other person and reveal your identity.

It is because of the above factors that Litmatch has achieved more than 10 million installs and created hundreds of thousands of new relationships every day. Do you want to join the Litmatch community?

Meet, chat with new friends

Litmatch is a social networking site dedicated to user interaction, so you will have many ways to connect with other people around the world. After logging into the application, you will choose any channel you want, the system will automatically recognize and put you in the connection queue. At this time, some visual information such as priority, estimated waiting time, etc. will appear on the screen so that users can better understand the current status.

The connection time between users in this application is quite short, ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute depending on the time. Moreover, you can also customize common functions such as watching movies or chatting to shorten the waiting time. In addition, ensuring a stable network connection will keep your chats seamless and uninterrupted.

Update profile, create avatar

Before starting the Litmatch experience, you need to fully update your profile. Of course, your profile will be completely confidential, only when you allow it, it will be visible to selected users. Besides, don’t forget to create an avatar to show your personality. Because when anonymous, users cannot use their own profile picture, the profile picture built into the application will help you solve this problem.

Anonymous chat

Once the classification system is complete, the two users will be included in an anonymous chat for 2 minutes. Here, you can say anything to the other person with the anonymous function, start with short but complete sentences to create sympathy for the other person. After the 2-minute period, you can decide whether to reveal your true identity to the other person. If not, you might find a new friend that’s a better fit for you.

Join a voice call

Like the anonymous chat feature, Litmatch also allows users to call and talk to new friends within 7 minutes. Why 7 minutes? This is a long enough time for you to make an impression on the other person before deciding to make friends or not. In my opinion, the calling feature will help the feelings between two people become more real. The story will also progress faster, avoiding wasting both of your time.

Join, create chat room

If you want to reach a wider audience in a short amount of time, don’t hesitate to use the built-in chat room creation function. Litmatch allows you to connect with a new group of friends that match your interests and personality. Give titles that correspond to your desires, such as finding friends in the four directions, singing to each other, or even confiding in strangers, etc.

The clearer the headline content, the higher your room engagement rate will be. Of course, you can also change the name of that room whenever you want. Note, when joining a group chat, users need to follow the appropriate rules of conduct to have an interesting conversation.

Follow the rules of the community

As you probably already know, Litmatch is an open social networking site, so any user can quickly use it. Therefore, this application has set certain rules to help its community grow and create a healthy playground for everyone. Specifically, you need to commit to not breaking the following rules:

  • Do not scam others, spam ads
  • Do not use virtual accounts, create pornographic content, sensitive photos and do not use vulgar or offensive words
  • Everyone must post, not racist, use offensive language.


Litmatch is really a suitable playground for users who are looking for a place to chat and make friends with friends around the world. Of course, this application will not guarantee you can find your “other half” or not? But it will certainly increase the odds of making friends or getting to know someone with similar interests to you quickly.

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  • Remove ads.

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