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Another great navigation app for Android users is called Locus Map Pro APK. Download Locus Map Pro APK version and install it right on your mobile device.

About Locus Map Pro APK – The map viewer application is trusted by many people

One of the most used maps viewing applications today is Google Maps. However, if you do not like Google Maps, you can try the Locus Map Pro experience. This map viewer application has all the features that Google Maps brings, with a beautiful and modern interface.

Use Locus Map Pro for every situation

Locus Map Pro is a great app for teleportation enthusiasts. Not just simply seeing the way, Locus Map Pro is also extremely suitable for excursions, exploring mountains, cycling,…

One thing that I really like about Locus Map Pro is that the application allows viewing the map both online and offline. Meanwhile, Google Maps only supports when users are online. When you use Locus Map Pro while on the go, the app will give you directions via voice. Thanks to that, you don’t have to always keep an eye on your phone while you’re on the go.

A reliable app

All maps that Locus Map Pro displays are cited from reliable sources. Locus Map Pro has two main modes, online and offline, both of which can display basic maps and advanced maps. In addition, users can customize and make personal notes about destinations and routes on the map itself for easier tracking when moving. The interface is simple but no less professional. Users can personalize the main interface from menus, control panels, displays, functions,… to their personal liking.

Planning a trip and worrying about the weather during the trip? With this problem, Locus Map Pro will solve it for you quickly. Locus Map Pro allows users to track as well as provide weather notifications before users depart. Thanks to that, users are proactive in bringing furniture that is suitable for the weather, avoiding unnecessary risks. The application also ensures that the weather reports are retrieved from reliable sources around the world, detailed by each route, wallet, area in your trip itinerary.

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