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Magical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK v1.2.162 (Unlimited Money)

Magical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK v1.2.162 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 29-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Magical-Fun Match Island Game
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A mobile game for those who love to put things in order – Mergical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK. In this game, your task will be to arrange the furniture and objects so that they can be grouped together. It sounds very simple at first, but when you start, you will see its extremely attractive challenge.

About Mergical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK

Mergical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK

Not only simply jigsaw puzzles, but there are also many interesting things waiting for you to discover in Mergical-Fun Match Island Game. The islands were enchanted by witches and disappeared. Players will have to do everything to find the small islands, connect them together. This game of the publisher Betta Games, since its launch, has attracted thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store. Most of the players who have experienced it leave positive reviews. So don’t wait any longer, join quickly to have a great entertainment moment!

Fascinating plot

If it is just a simple puzzle game, it will be difficult to attract participants among the countless other games out there. So, Mergeal created a very attractive plot. Mergical-Fun Match Island Game Island is a magical, bright land where all living things live together in harmony. But one day, the evil witches came and spread a curse on this beautiful land. Causing the land to be divided into many different small islands. Each island was covered with dark clouds, the creatures fell into a deep sleep and lost their life. You will play as the hero, coming to solve every puzzle. On a mission to break the curse, save the beautiful land. Do all you can to restore the Mergeical back to the way it was.

Thousands of challenges are waiting

Mergical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK Download

With the available skills and constant effort, you will collect ancient musical notes, rare plants, works of art,… Any items needed to break the curse. To collect them, you must participate in the level of arranging objects. That is, on an island, there are boxes, each box has an object. Look for similar objects, put them together to form a trio. When the magic happens, those three items will merge to form another item. The level continues like that until you have assembled what you need to collect to break the curse. As I said, Mergical-Fun Match Island Game is divided into countless islets, which means a lot of levels are waiting for you to decode. It can be very easy at first, but as time goes on, interference objects will appear. Requires you to be alert, have a good strategy to win.

Character merge

When joining Mergeal, you will have companions to accompany you. But each of these characters only goes with you a certain way. They will share with you the knowledge of the land, what you should do to win the levels. Or if you are looking for certain items you can ask them where to get them, how to get them. You will also have to work on merging the trio to find a new companion. In Mergical-Fun Match Island Game, there are fourteen different characters, each of whom will give you a story. Everything they share will help your healing process. That’s why you should listen and watch carefully!

Build your own island

Mergical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK for Android

It’s not just about unlocking islands.Mergical now needs you to heal it more than ever. Although the curse was lifted, a lot of things were destroyed, life was not as good as before. Another task of you is to use gold coins, items that you collect to recreate the world. Feel free to create and design beautiful architectural works of art. Feel free to create your own style. Single-handedly rebuilding the Mergical-Fun Match Island Game land even more beautiful and fanciful than before.

Beautiful graphics, funny sounds

A favorite feature of Mergeal is the graphics. The background is built in detail, the lines are beautiful and sharp. The colors used are light and dark colors interwoven, helping players clearly distinguish which areas are still cursed by the witch. Besides, the music without lyrics is gentle, very suitable for everyone’s leisure time. All elements combine to make us like to follow the story of the game.

Download Mergical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK for Android

I’m sure there will be a lot of items that you want to buy for yourself. But it will cost you a lot of money, it takes you a long time to accumulate them. With the unlimited money feature that our Mergical-Fun Match Island Game MOD APK version provides, you won’t need to worry anymore. Enjoy shopping, creating, collecting the most islands.

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