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What are you looking for in Manor Matters MOD APK? Antiques? Welcome to the Castlewood manor MOD (Unlimited Star). It was a mysterious old manor of a billionaire left behind. Is there something mysterious here? Let’s explore the reason why this mansion has been abandoned.

Manor Matters MOD APK

Surely among us have known or played through the game Homescapes. This is a game that made a name for Playrix from the very first days. Recently, the developer has launched a mysterious adventure game called Manor Matters. Join the journey where the manor was abandoned by a billionaire. At Manor Matters, this place contains many artifacts that have been hidden for many years. Lost in this place, the player acts as a detective, solving a series of puzzles hidden behind the big door.

Journey of antique investigation

There will be times when you mistakenly think you are trapped in a haunted house. That’s perfectly understandable, because, in Manor Matters, there is a dark landscape. Here, a manor by billionaire has been deserted for many years. There must be a lot of things in it. Why did they leave such a big manor? It is a question that every player asks.

Join Manor Matters, players will be roleplaying in a talented detective. Find old objects to decryption this mysterious house. Participating in the puzzle system, players gradually know where to store valuable items left by the landlord. Along with that, using the star-shaped credits used for renovating the manor.

Your journey becomes more and more difficult when the items are hidden in a discreet unrecognized place. Initially, you will find this job quite easy until things get stagnant. You will have to guess both the silhouette and the collection of objects. You will have to find them before time runs out. There will be things present right in front of you that you will not realize. So, buying more time or looking for suggestions would be very helpful.

Solve mysteries and manor renovation

Players will be a companion by an assistant of an explorer who has gone missing. Following Carl’s instructions, he will show you where the house’s hidden objects are. However, decoding was no longer his priority because he was so familiar with this place. The main task of the player is to renovate what has been degraded in the house. Bringing a whole new look to the house becomes gorgeous.

Players need to spend some star for finding treasures. Use your magnifying glass to find valuable old objects. Join the journey to decode, players will receive star-shaped credits. It serves to renovate this vast old mansion. Bill, a construction worker will help you change the face for the house. Your apartment will gradually become complete during the game discovery process.


What is catching our eyes is probably too familiar by graphics Homescapes before. Manor Matters will take players to an old mansion. The details in the apartment are also meticulously and eye-catching. Designed under 3D graphics makes Manor Matters even more terrifying because of its storyline. Moreover, the sound system also fits in well with the scenes that take place during the discovery.

MOD APK version of Manor Matters

During the game, the most important thing that the player needs to do is to change the face for the house. Therefore, the explorer explored the rooms to find hidden clues. Earning yourself star-shaped currencies. Use them for renovating this dilapidated house.

If you are looking for a Manor Matters MOD unlimited star version then you have found the right address. We will give players a huge amount of stars for the purpose of unlocking and changing the appearance of the house.


When you’re busy deciphering clues, a bigger mystery will come out. Haunted house? Does Carl know more than what he shows? You have to keep playing to find out …

The mystery deep in the abandoned mansion is waiting for you to discover. Join Manor Matters MOD APK now to find hidden clues. Currently, the game is being released for free on the Google Play app store. However, players who want to experience the Manor Matters MOD version need to perform a manual installation via the APK file we provide below.

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