Map Coordinates
Map Coordinates

Map Coordinates Mod APK v5.4.0 (Premium Unlocked)

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App Name Map Coordinates
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Version 5.4.0
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Map Coordinates MOD APK provides geolocation and supports advanced search features based on maps of popular vendors. You can store places and share their information quickly.

Map Coordinates is an application that takes the maps of today’s map providers and uses impressive location search capabilities. At the same time, each search is saved in history, and users can bookmark it as favorites for easy retrieval and sharing. There are ways to share with your friends, and locations can be entered or pasted depending on the user.


In Map Coordinates, users can locate a place quickly through some simple search steps. You will see complete information related to any location and can perform many tasks associated with this information, such as sharing. At the same time, the application is also entirely suitable for searching, and especially, some advanced search features such as UTM, GEOREF (WGRS) are also easily supported by the application.


There are many ways you can find a place using Map Coordinates to make good use of the parameters you get. Specifically, you can paste or manually enter these parameters into the application and wait a few seconds; the place to look will appear in front of your eyes. So this makes sharing quick so your friends can quickly catch up on your location. There are many ways you can share this information.


After you have determined your current location using Map Coordinates, the next job is to share it with your friends. So, there are many ways you can go about your sharing, and the fully supported apps are the ones that are popular with many people. You can share information via SMS if you do not have an internet connection or use email or social networking applications to facilitate sharing.


In addition to the location feature that Map Coordinates provides, you can find many useful tools to identify. Specifically, you can use a distance measurement tool that helps you determine the distance to go to a predefined place. You can know the altitude of the selected location on the map. At the same time, do not forget to use a stable network so that the application can determine the exact location.


Users will notice when using the application that it uses maps of well-known map providers such as Google Maps and Open Street Maps. At the same time, besides providing a highly accurate map, these providers all have some unique features that users cannot ignore. Specifically, Open Street Maps provides you with a compass to locate quickly.


One nice thing about when you search using the app is that you can easily find the history of the places you’ve searched for. You can reuse the addresses of these places in the future, especially when you are traveling and want to go to a place you like again. At the same time, over time, the number of searches will increase, so you will need to pay attention to storing important places.


In the search history list, you’ll see a star icon, and if you need to archive a place, just tap the corresponding star. You will realize a complete stand-out between your favorite places and the rest. Also, when you know the places that matter, you can use the app’s features to identify and share them faster. So don’t forget to save the locations you like.

Users find this location search features impressive:

  • Users can familiarize themselves with the application’s basic features and gain access to advanced features such as GEOREF (WGRS) or UTM.
  • Users can search for a location by entering or pasting coordinates into the finder to make access to the location they want.
  • It is convenient for sharing coordinates between different users, and they can receive information via SMS, email, or social networks.
  • The application uses maps of the most popular map providers today, and some new features will appear like the compass of Open Street Maps.
  • Users can completely find the search locations in the history and bookmark them to do the next searches faster.
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