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MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force APK v6.5.1

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MARVEL Strike Force APK helps you meet the heroes of the Marvel universe and fight against an entity that wants to invade Earth. The number of teammates will diversify the battle formation.


MARVEL Strike Force is a turn-based strategy game where players will form a team of superheroes to fight enemies plotting to take over the Earth. Players will be able to use the skills each character has to launch attacks and special skills that have different effects. At the same time, players can recruit new heroes and fill important positions in the team.


The story of MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG begins when a strange voice appears and tells about his plot related to Earth and that he is Ultimus. Since then, he has defeated many different heroes and manipulated their wills to his will. Thanks to the heroes being manipulated, the military power in his hand became stronger, and he traveled across many Earths in different universes. He continued to go to a new universe and continued the plots he had done before.

Everyone is aware of Ultimus’s presence in the present Earth, and the familiar Nick Fury continues to summon a group of heroes to fight Ultimus’s evil goals. From there, you will be a companion with superheroes and anti-heroes to fight different threats that constantly appear with their skills. All will work in a team and support each other well to destroy the enemy.


A standard match in MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG usually revolves around a 5vs.5 battle, and you will be able to use the attacks the character has to attack enemies. At the same time, this is a turn-based battle, so each attack choice needs to be made carefully to ensure strategy and victory in the game. Each level brings excitement to players when they see the powerful attacks of the characters.

Each character has an essential attack skill and some special skills that are unlocked over time. At the same time, with two starting skills, the player can freely choose and use elemental attacks and need to use special skills carefully. These special skills have different effects and cause the character to take on specific positions in the game. At the same time, it can be powerful attacks or skills to support teammates.

There are many types of characters inside this game that players will need to learn to choose the right strategy. Some characters with high stamina can stand in the front row to attract attacks from the enemy, and especially, they will often have taunt skills to take all damage on themselves. At the same time, some characters can inflict powerful attacks on enemies, and others will activate healing skills to help teammates continue to fight.


What could be better than when you will be facing the heroes appearing in the Marvel universe, and you will use the summoning mechanism in MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG to be able to recruit them to the team. Of course, anyone needs to prepare the resources to perform the summoning carefully. Through the battles, the strength of the characters will continuously increase, and many mechanisms can be used and can determine the strength of the character.

Players will try to increase the number of stars these characters have, and thanks to that, new skills will appear before them. At the same time, the character’s strength stats will contribute to the team’s stats, and when you have a strong team, don’t hesitate to participate in the battles in the arena. You will meet other players with similar strength stats to you, and of course, it will be a battle decided by strength and reasonable tactics.

Players will participate in the battle to protect the Earth from Ultimus:

  • The game’s story begins when Ultimus appears and talks about his plot to conquer the Earth, and Nick Fury begins to have a strategy against it.
  • A team of superheroes and anti-heroes are summoned and form a group of 5 and use their skills to destroy the enemies they encounter.
  • Special abilities will sometimes determine the character position in the team, such as the vanguard to take damage or assist in healing teammates.
  • Many characters from the Marvel universe will appear in this game, and you will try to recruit them to help increase the team’s strength.
  • Various factors dictate the power, and when you’re confident in your team’s strength, you can go against other players.
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