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If you’ve never played Minecraft MOD APK, you’ve probably heard of this game before. And if even your name has never been heard, I am sure that, you have gone after the world a few years. Minecraft will bring you a memorable experience. Are you ready to download?

Minecraft PE MOD APK

Minecraft is a familiar name and is a best-selling game product in the world. This game is developed by Mojang and has won countless awards. This is truly a phenomenon, a Sandbox game genre that allows players to unleash creativity in a vast fantasy world. Although it was released more than a decade ago, it still has a large number of fans and players worldwide.

So far, the Google Play app store has more than 10 million installs. This is an impressive number. However, players who want to install Minecraft need to spend a large amount of money to own. In this article, we would like to introduce to everyone the free version of Minecraft, in addition, all skins have been unlocked.

Attractive gameplay

There’s nothing like exploring an endless world full of player creativity. You will participate in exciting and wonderful adventures. At the same time, it’s one of the most versatile and handy creative tools you’ll ever see.

However, the appeal of this game is not as easy as you think. Some would argue that Minecraft is essentially a giant box of digital LEGO pieces. From a certain angle, this statement is also correct. Actually, this is a game with construction elements. Between many different players in the same vast world. It’s both fun and engaging and a little bit competitive. You can build anything imaginable. Just by arranging the cubes.

Game mode

In this game, there are several extremely attractive game modes for players to choose from. Such as Survival mode, Creative mode, and Super Hard mode.

Creative mode – In this game’s creative mode, you’re free to build everything without any pressure. All the world’s resources are at your disposal. With enough material, time, and patience, you can create a ton of things. Over time, Minecraft players have created amazing works, from the Taj Mahal to the land of Westeros in Game of Thrones.

Survival mode – Survival mode is the part with the more “game” nature of Minecraft. Where you will unravel resources and dodge enemies. In Survival mode, it is crucial that you get shelter. And this is also the first game mode of Minecraft. The name Minecraft is made up of two core missions that this mode sets out. You need to explore the world to exploit resources, and then use that resource to create essential items. From there, you will explore further and survive longer, when you can set foot in the remote lands of the world in the game.

Super hard mode – This mode is like Survival mode. Players will be playing like what is in real life. You have only one life and you can only experience life in that world once. If you die, you will not be able to return to that world.

There is another attractive mode that only in Minecraft Earth is that players can play in the real world thanks to AR technology.

Explore a magnificent world inspired by Japanese culture

When you explore dark green forests, deep caves, and visit magnificent cities floating in the sky, you will have a unique journey. Besides the fascinating adventures waiting for you in this game, you also have the freedom to create your own world.

Connecting and putting together cubes sounds simple, but from there you can build anything from a simple house to an extremely elaborate world that can only exist in your boundless imagination.

You can also expand your cube world to the Minecraft Marketplace, where you can purchase exciting new worlds and costumes designed and developed by content creators around the world.


In January 2018, SAMURAI Castle-MUTSUKIJO- was launched thanks to the skillful hands of three members of the development team called ICHI-BAN-YARI. This trio became the first creators from Japan to release a new world on the Minecraft Marketplace. And in the process, they have brought a fascinating Japanese cultural element to this global fever game.

The inspiration for the samurai world they created came from famous castles in Japanese history, which existed from the Warring States era to the Edo period. This talented trio has meticulously recreated every sophisticated interior decoration in the rooms of the castle. On the occasion of the launch of their latest project on the Minecraft Marketplace, two members of ICHI-BAN-YARI, Shyuichi Tatsunami and Santaro Imai, shared with us about their work.

Tatsynami shared: “It’s an honor to have ICHI-BAN-YARI become the first creative team from Japan to release products on Minecraft Marketplace. We want to continue to bring a cultural experience Japan”

Explore AKATSUKI – Samurai Dominion

The latest work of ICHI-BAN-YAR is another amazing world called AKATSUKI – Samurai Dominion, with a massive castle high in the mountains and surrounded by a peaceful village at the foot of the mountain.


But ICHI-BAN-YARI is not the only one to create this impressive world. This time, another group of creators called Team-KYO did most of the construction work, while ICHI-BAN-YARI acted as producer on the entire project.

Team-KYO is a talented team working to recreate an exact replica for the Japanese prefecture of Kyoto. Thanks to their collective effort and extraordinary skill, AKATSUKI – Samurai Dominion was completed in just one month. What an incredible achievement for such a detailed project.

Imai said: “I love the castles of the Warring States period in Japan. In the previous work, SAMURAI Castle-MUTSUKIJO-, we focused on building a castle that is very close to the architecture. This time, we wanted to lean towards the fantasy style a little bit, but in the design, we still considered the castle architecture so that it’s both easy to defend and hard to attack. So, we have created a real and realistic project”.

Tatsunami commented, “I don’t think there are many people who can complete a world like this in just one month.” Imai added: “It was Porife (a member of Team-KYO) who had the vision to integrate ‘harmony with nature into one of the main themes of this world. You can also see the connection. A unique combination of Japanese architecture and fantasy elements here”.

A complicated world

AKATSUKI -Samurai Dominion- was created on a 1200×1200 size map. And the ICHI-BAN-YARI team believes there’s quite a bit of fun packed into such a relatively compact space.

Imai further explained: “We decided not to build a map that was too large, and proactively set limits from start to finish. In an effort to achieve a blend of nature and fantasy, we believe that the result produced is a form of yin and yang harmony”.

Tatsunami said: “There are secret doors and passages in this world, you have to find them to experience. We want the journey to find these things also contribute to the fun.”

A message from the creators

According to Tatsunami and Imai, the collaboration between ICHI-BAN-YARI and Team-KYO on the AKATSUKI -Samurai Dominion- project has demonstrated a consensus in the Minecraft creator community.

Tatsunami confided: “I don’t see  Minecraft as just a game. It’s a platform that allows you to do many different things, so it naturally appeals to all kinds of people. Ai in the community. Minecraft also gets along pretty well”.

The two groups also discussed how it’s entirely possible for you to be an innovator and build amazing worlds for players around the globe to travel around.

“Minecraft is a great tool to help you create anything you want with endless possibilities. There are so many creators and everyone has their own style. I like to think you can. Be the next to create something great. Let’s create something that amazes us!”

Are you eager to venture into this unique world? Visit Minecraft Marketplace now! AKATSUKI -Samurai Dominion is now here, so you can download and play as you please. Who knows, maybe you’ll also be inspired to create an unforgettable world and share it with this vibrant creative community?

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