Mission Zero APK v2.2.1 (Latest Version) Download

Mission Zero APK v2.2.1 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 10-03-2022 (2 years ago)
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Mission Zero
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Mission Zero has only just launched a trial version in the Chinese market on January 7 but has been enthusiastically discussed by many gamers and received many positive reviews on the country’s game forums. billion people. So why is this game from NetEase so hot? Let’s explore with MODDER.ME through this article!


Mission Zero smoothly combines two elements commonly found in games of the same genre: action and espionage. The main themes are spy role-playing, covert action, and assassination. Players can choose one of two pre-set opposing factions, Mobius and Sirius, transforming into characters with different occupations, costumes, accessories, and weapons. Currently, the character system in the game is very rich, diverse up to more than 100 different characters so that players can freely choose as much as they like.

The main style of play in the game is the characteristic 2vs4 mode. Specifically, Sirius is a 4-man faction, tasked with infiltrating, finding, and gathering hidden information, and then withdrawing silently so that it is not detected. Mobius is a two-man faction, the main task is to pursue, find out the identity and expose the members of the opposing faction.

Depending on the character that the player chooses, the skills and weapons will have different shapes, names, and functions. These functions have time limits and certain limitations. Therefore, players need to choose carefully, apply special skills of spies such as camouflage, holograms, traps, use real battle or even a beautician… remaining members of the faction, combined with their own experience and acumen to increase their ability to fight the enemy, thereby winning the game.

Although there is a difference in the forces of the two factions, the developer NetEase confidently asserts that the gameplay in the game will be very competitive and fair.


You can test the graphics and sound of Mission Zero for yourself without downloading through the trailer that the publisher has teased and posted on YouTube. This trailer has surprised many people, including gamers who have had a lot of experience in playing games of many genres, opening many topics and lively discussion topics on forums, most of which are comments. Reviews and comments are positive.

When looking at the trailer, we can also feel that the graphics of Mission Zero are extremely eye-catching. The characters from costumes, expressions to movements are all very smooth. Background, the background is also taken care of every detail carefully. Scenes with alternating light and shadow are delicate and full of quality.

The rhythm of the sound is tense with the dramatic chases to suffocation, in addition to the sound that changes according to the scene and the action to suit, bringing the most thrilling feeling when watching. All these make players feel more excited and enthusiastic when experiencing.


Let me reveal to you that the production team of Mission Zero are veteran employees who have developed world-famous PC games of the same genre such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell,… So, they understand the psychology of players and know what players expect from new games, promoting the good, creative and breakthrough things compared to the old games on the market.

This is a game product of the RPG genre, you can search and download it on both major platforms, iOS, and Android. This sounds normal, but it is a huge plus when almost all mobile phones, tablets, etc. in the world work in these two operating systems. It also means that you can completely download to play no matter what device you are using.


Although currently, the game has not been officially released, Mission Zero has opened pre-registration and given many gifts to those who attend. If everything goes well, it is likely that when officially launched, Mission Zero will be a blockbuster that makes waves in the game market and in the community of gamers.

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