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NetEase fans were extremely excited to hear that the role-playing game Mist Forest APK was released to the gaming community. And this game is available at MODDER.ME, let’s explore what this game is interesting!

Mist Forest MOD APK

For those who love mobile games, NetEase is no longer a strange name. After a period of intense release of mobile games, NetEase now focuses on quality rather than quantity. To celebrate the new year of 2021, the publisher has released a new action game called Mist Forest. Although it was only released a few days ago, Mist Forest has collected over 10.000 downloads and a lot of positive feedback. We can believe that in the future this game will reap even more achievements.

Addictive role-playing gameplay

Mist Forest is set in a fairytale world. In this magical land, people and mysterious creatures live peacefully together. However, this beautiful world is now facing the onslaught of dark monsters. To keep the land peaceful, the heroes decided to stand up and fight against the monsters.

In Mist Forest, you will become the commander of this group of heroes. Build and recruit the best heroes to be able to fight off hordes of aggressive monsters.

Idle elements in the game

In general, Mist Forest’s gameplay style is developed in a turn-based role-playing style and incorporates many other elements such as adventure, strategy,… This is also a game that incorporates typical idle elements. adopts auto combat mode. No need for too much individual combat skills, you just need to tap the screen for the matches to automatically take place.

But if you underestimate Mist Forest because of that, I am sure you will have to taste failure in no time. Because the matches of Mist Forest still require players to have certain strategies. Although this is not the most important factor, if you have the right strategy, it will help you win faster.

Many adventures are waiting for you

Adventure elements in Mist Forest are extremely prominent through a diverse map system that helps players to experience as much as possible. Many fascinating adventures, exciting matches are waiting for you. Personally, I really like the white snow castle location, it’s newer than the usual dungeon locations. And most of all, in each location there will be different mysteries that you will not expect.

Build army of heroes

The character system in Mist Forest is divided into different factions that are extremely diverse. You can freely collect heroes on your adventure. But when building an army to fight (character limit), consider carefully. Because each character will have their own skills and should choose characters with skills that can complement each other. Because the higher you go, you will have to encounter many difficulties and extremely powerful Bosses.

Or to increase the combat power of your team, you can develop and upgrade heroes and equip them with the most advanced weapons.

However, since it was just released, I don’t see many heroes collect yet. Hopefully, with the next updates, the publisher will release more characters.


If you talk about graphics, there is no dispute with the previous NetEase works. And it is Mist Forest’s turn to not disappoint players. Attracting the first look of everyone in the character and monster system designed in a unique chibi style with many eye-catching outfits. The background is also well invested with many artistic effects. Overall I am very satisfied with the graphics of Mist Forest.

Install Mist Forest MOD APK + OBB

To install Mist Forest for Android devices, you need to follow a few steps below.

  1. Download the file Mist Forest MOD APK + OBB we provide.
  2. Unzip the OBB file and move the unzipped folder to the Android/OBB folder.
  3. Install the APK and enjoy.

Download Mist Forest MOD APK for Android

Personally, I am quite satisfied with Mist Forest, the game has basically met the elements of adventure, role-playing, strategy,… And above all, the game has a lot of time to improve with the future of the updated version. If you are interested in Mist Forest, download it through the APK file we provide to experience it.

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