MONOPOLY MOD APK v1.13.1 (Unlocked)

MONOPOLY MOD APK v1.13.1 (Unlocked)

Updated: 13-07-2024 (7 days ago)
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MONOPOLY MOD APK is a board game released by Marmalade Game Studio. Download now the MOD APK version for mobile phones to join the business with other online players around the world.


MONOPOLY can now be downloaded directly for $3.99 on the Google Play app store. However, in this article, we will make it available to you for free. Not only that, with the MOD APK version that we provide below all Tokens and Boards have been unlocked.

MONOPOLY is a popular game that many people choose when gathering with friends and family on weekends. However, the increasingly busy life makes the reunion occasions become more and more sparse. With that in mind, publisher Marmalade Game Studio has released MONOPOLY mobile version. Thanks to that, you can play with friends and relatives whenever you have free time.

Number of players

MONOPOLY is started with at least two players and a maximum of eight. However, I find this game the most fun with four to six people participating. At that time, everyone’s functions were very uniform. If there are only two people, the competitiveness of the game will be reduced. Furthermore, there are many features (eg Auctions) that are only attractive when there are four or more participants. Whereas if there are eight players, you will have to wait a long time before your turn.


It can be seen that the MONOPOLY mobile version still retains the gameplay of the actual board game. Roll the dice to decide the number of moves on the board. If you move into a vacant plot, you can pay to own it. If you move into someone else’s plot, you will have to pay the owner. You can also refuse to purchase an empty plot. At that time, the land plot will be auctioned by the bank. Everyone has the right to participate, including those who have refused to buy the land.

If you do not calculate carefully, you will be bankrupt and lose. The winner in the end will be the one who makes others bankrupt or the richest person. Besides vacant plots, Monopoly also has many special plots such as opportunity plots and community plots. If you are lucky, you can get money from the bank. But if you’re unlucky, you’ll even go to jail. Don’t worry though, while in prison you will still be able to participate in some other specific activities.

Although MONOPOLY’s rules are more than 100 years ago and have been popular for a long time. However, some of their features still make players feel bored. To make your fun even more interesting, MONOPOLY provides you with a custom mode with some rules such as skipping some boxes, the number of plays you have to go to jail, …

Game mode

There are two modes that Monopoly offers players: play with AI or engage with other online players. Do not mistakenly think that playing AI mode will be easier. They even have a perfect trading strategy and are a real challenge for players. Play against online players to challenge yourself in international markets and enroll in the global leaderboards.


To install MONOPOLY MOD APK, you need to follow some steps below.

  1. Download the MONOPOLY MOD APK file below this article.
  2. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  3. Open and experience.

Download MONOPOLY MOD APK for Android

Monopoly is a globally famous entertainment game, so you can be assured of the quality of this game. With addictive gameplay, easy to access, suitable for all ages including children. To win in MONOPOLY MOD APK, you need a specific and smart strategy, of course, indispensable a little luck.

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