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Monster Dash MOD APK v4.63.0.716329 (Unlimited Money)

Monster Dash MOD APK v4.63.0.716329 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 26-09-2022 (2 years ago)
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Monster Dash
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Unlimited Money
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Find and possess in hand powerful weapons, with great destructive power. Threats of shooting open the way to escape from zombies, vampires, and many other scary creatures. Become Barry Steakfries in the game Monster Dash MOD APK to join exciting action adventures, overcome the challenges in a chaotic world full of menacing monsters.

Monster Dash MOD APK

Monster Dash MOD APK

If you are a person who loves speed, adventure, and thrill when using weapons to destroy monsters in the way, then Monster Dash is definitely the perfect choice for you. Coming to this game, you will receive quests and as soon as you press the accept button you will begin your journey to destroy the monsters that are harming this world. With each win, a lot of unexpected great rewards await you. Very attractive, isn’t it? What are you waiting for without starting your own adventure right away?

Collect loot and level up

At the beginning of each level, you will choose your weapon and kill the monsters. But the challenge does not stop there, you also have to use other techniques such as running, jumping, and riding a motorbike to avoid the pitfalls on the road. At the same time, along the way, you can collect coins or even be supplied with motorcycles, protective bubbles against power loss, or magnets to attract coins. The more levels you complete, the higher your level will be.

Shoot monsters through worlds

Monster Dash MOD APK

In each different level you will encounter different monsters. If you are in a winter wonderland with a creepy night scene, you will encounter monsters like Yeti and Draculas. If you are in the dead world, you will be faced with a series of zombies that constantly attack. When approaching different monsters, you need to use different skills. For example, jumping on a fire demon or a zombie harms your strength, but jumping on a Yeti with antlers will make you jump higher.

Unlock more weapons, costumes and gadgets

With a large number of coins earned after going through each level, you can use them to unlock weapons, costumes, and skills for your character Barry Steakfries. Monster Dash game offers you a variety of weapons options such as Shotgun, The Pacifier, Mr. Zappy, Rocket Launcher, and SMG. Each weapon has different effects, speeds, and reload times, you need to consider and choose the right weapon for your upcoming battle. There are also eye-catching outfits designed in many different themes for you to change. New skills have been updated such as double dance skills, magic dive skills,…

Fast-paced battle

Monster Dash MOD APK

Compared to many other games of the same adventure, action, Monster Dash is super fast. The speed is so fast that there will be times when you use the function to run and jump more than shoot to avoid the traps and monsters along the way while ensuring your own gold. Usually, after starting the game screen, to a certain time the speed becomes higher, the faster the screen will end. Each level will be more difficult and more obstacles.


Monster Dash has a cartoon-style graphic design but is very lively and impressive. Characters in the game move constantly through each scene, making the player feel excited, not bored. Most especially is the change of scenery of different worlds with new types of monsters through the game screen. The colors of the game change from world to world, with both bright and dark colors providing an enjoyable experience for players.

Download Monster Dash MOD APK for Android

Monster Dash is a very interesting arcade game by the publisher Halfbrick. The game promises to bring you great experiences in your spare time. Has amazing gameplay but comfortable game mechanics, this game is suitable for a variety of players (aged 7 and up).

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