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Participate in thrilling adventures with two characters Alice and Godric in Moonrise Arena MOD APK. The game is receiving a lot of positive feedback from gamers and has earned hundreds of thousands of installs. Click the download button and experience it now.

Moonrise Arena MOD APK

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money
Moonrise Arena MOD APK

Moonrise Arena is a pixelated retro-style role-playing game from publisher Roika. The game is set about the decline of a kingdom that used to flourish. Right now this place is under heavy destruction from monsters from hell. At this time, a god had given Alice and Godric a special ability to fight those evil enemies. Since then, Alice and Godric’s journey to rescue the kingdom and bring a peaceful life has officially begun.

Begin the journey of fate

Despite being given special powers by the god, Alice and Godric were still unable to use the creation and exert all of their powers for the first time. So your task in Moonrise Arena is to help them grow stronger and more mature.

In general, Moonrise Arena is introduced as a hardcore game, so at first, you will find the game a bit difficult. But don’t worry, after a short time you will quickly approach and catch up with the gameplay of Moonrise Arena right away.

Moonrise Arena MOD APK

You will have to adventure through dark dungeons, where monsters are waiting to attack you. They are produced continuously from the gates of hell and create waves of attacks. This requires the flexibility to both attack and defend with minimal casualties.

Characters and skills

Although I was introduced to Alice and Godric as the two main characters, I see Alice as the main character. She is endowed with the power of a mage capable of summoning magical fireballs. To fight monsters, you just need to throw fireballs at them at any distance. The fireballs will cause monsters to reduce 60% of their speed and reduce their lifespan. In addition, Alice also has the ability to attack causing the enemy to be stunned (for about 1 to 2 seconds) or melee. Even so, I advise against using melee too much, that’s not Alice’s strength.

Initially, Alice was only able to summon basic fireballs. But after leveling up, she can unlock many new amazing skills. For example, creating a rain of fire or Leviatation – capable of lifting an opponent into the air for about 10 seconds. Especially I am quite impressed with Alice’s mind control skills. Without losing too much strength, you can still control the monsters to automatically attack each other.

Equip items

Moonrise Arena MOD APK

In addition to learning new skills, Alice is able to become stronger by equipping more advanced weapons. Moonrise Arena offers a lot of equipment to choose from, each item has a maximum of 10 types from armor, pants, shoes, gloves, rings… While fighting in dungeons, the equipment can also fall. random or you can buy them in the store.

These items can also be upgraded and inlaid with stone. This helps the items increase the available combat stats. You need to bring equipment to the blacksmith in town and upgrade them.

Download Moonrise Arena MOD APK for Android

Overall, Moonrise Arena is a classic RPG game with interesting hardcore gameplay, suitable for those who love challenges. Simple controls, intuitive interface makes the game more popular. Although the graphics are not so excellent, it gives a very nostalgic, artistic feel.

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