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MotorBike : Drag Racing Game MOD APK v2.4.4 (Unlimited Nitro)

MotorBike : Drag Racing Game MOD APK v2.4.4 (Unlimited Nitro)

Updated: 28-03-2023 (1 year ago)

MotorBike : Drag Racing Game MOD APK is an extreme and endless moto racing game. Experience the thrill of moto racing for free and explore a wide variety of motorcycles and exciting racing terrains.

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MotorBike : Drag Racing Game
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Unlimited Nitro
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Enjoy the feeling of mastering the speed with the super cool moto and take on different opponents. You will control your motorbike through the racing lanes of varied terrain, using your driving skills to overcome obstacles and challenging dangerous terrain. Stay on top of the leaderboard, earn lots of bonuses and upgrade your motocross bike to conquer all levels of the game included in MotorBike : Drag Racing Game MOD APK.


You go head-to-head with any player automatically selected by the system, your task is to win the opponent to win the prize money and continue to explore the next level. The opponent will use a lot of racing skills to beat you so you need to focus, adjust the speed of the racing car accordingly to have the opportunity to knock the opponent out of the race through the flexible use of the button. Increase or decrease the speed in the two corners of the screen during your racing. To know the exact position of your opponent’s racing car, you just need to observe the distance gauge right on the game interface.


If you are too far behind your opponent and the racing speed booster is not enough to keep up with your opponent, immediately use the special speed booster tool. The speed boost button in the left corner of the screen will help you close the distance quickly with the opponent when the opponent is far away from you. Note that each level you are only allowed to use once so you need to use this special support tool at the appropriate time. However, to increase the number of times you use this tool, you can completely buy with your bonus after each game screen.


More than 10 levels of play with a variety of racing terrain, each level plays an increasing number of opponents, so you need to improve your skills in using your moto control tools. Besides, the challenge is increasing in difficulty with each new level of play. To be able to unlock all levels, you need to pass the previous level with the highest position to continue to the next level.


In addition to exploring and experiencing a unique race track with equally skilled rivals, you can also explore a huge stock of racing cars in this game. Lots of different racing cars with different features are waiting in your cart. The more you level up, the more you need to equip and upgrade the moto racing car to suit each racing screen and the opponent you are facing.


You can completely increase the amount of money in many different ways such as leading the table in each level of play or watching promotional videos with a short duration. Note that promotional videos do not appear during your participation in the race, but only when you click to increase your bonus. The larger the bonus amount, the more options you have to upgrade and buy a variety of motorcycles used in racing levels.


The game’s graphics are one of the factors that make not only you but other players feel lost in the world’s largest motorcycle competition. The details and images in the game are portrayed excellently and the colors used are also impressive. Experience the feeling of a realistic racing game through this top-notch game graphics. Besides beautiful graphics, game sound effects make the race more dramatic than ever, you will experience the same sound quality as in the actual racing screen, wearing headphones when playing will help you have a more authentic experience.


To fully experience the intense and exciting racing you need an internet connection. Just connect to a stable internet and you can fully play and use the full functionality and even watch promotional videos to increase your bonus amount during your gameplay.


  • Experience motocross racing for free with different levels of gameplay.
  • Master the speed of extreme motocross racing with confrontations with other opponents.
  • Enjoy beautiful 3D graphics along with dramatic, dramatic sound effects.
  • Optionally, design motorcycles in a huge motorcycle inventory.
  • Challenging with a variety of racing terrain rich but also full of danger.
  • Connect to the Internet to experience this super exciting motorcycle racing game.

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