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MU Origin 2 APK brings players into the fanciful world of warriors. Here, transform into a character with your own design, start your journey to explore the world through quests.

MU Origin 2 is one of the best role-playing games available today. With excellent 3D graphics, special effects, and special sound effects, the game attracts a lot of players to join online. With character strength and skills, your warrior will participate in battles with monsters in this world. Experience melee combat with the most striking effects. Begin the return of a heroic warrior!


MU Origin 2 is the return of heroes in a fantasy world where magic and special powers exist. Each player is a separate individual with their own attributes. First, choose your character’s function with Swordsman, Mage, or Archer. Corresponding to that function, it will accompany throughout the gameplay. That will be the main method that determines how the player will attack the monster by means and how. Therefore, if you like to use a sword in close combat, choose Swordsman. If you like standing from a distance to shoot arrows, choose Archer. And if you like to throw magic projections, choose Magicians.

MU Origin 2 APK

The player will also be the one to design the appearance of his character. Players will choose from hair color, outfit, armor, or piece of cloth according to their liking. Naturally, it should be within the range of items you can select. Gradually, you can buy equipment such as wings, auras, etc., or sparkling, high-ranked costumes. Upgrade your character’s costumes and equipment to make your warriors look more powerful, shining like a star. The 3D graphics are super realistic and create a magical space that makes your character look like an ancient god.


To be able to buy new items, rare costumes, or equipment, players need a lot of money or gems. It can be earned from battles with monsters. Attack monsters big or small to get experience points, items, and money. Smaller monsters have faster attack time but less benefit. Giant monsters need a lot of time, and skills must be high, but the rewards are large in return. Directions for you to find where monsters appear in the system. It’s through giving you quests to fight monsters that will take you there directly instead of you finding it yourself. Smart moves combine with moves to make sure your moves hit the monsters.

MU Origin 2 APK

The world of MU Origin 2 is huge, with many areas on the map. On the journey of discovery, you will gradually unlock doors to new lands. There, quests with new monsters appeared again. Continuously like that, experience fighting monsters non-stop to upgrade the character to the level of a great god. Collect gem shards to upgrade skill attribute stats. The higher the character is promoted to higher levels, the greater the power. The monsters are also extremely diverse with their own unique designs. They also have their own skills and effects, so every time they fight a monster, it’s a new experience.


For big monsters, aka Big Boss, you can hardly defeat it alone. Then why not team up with other players to fight monsters faster. Fighting with a team has a chance to get more benefits than fighting alone. Since this is an online role-playing game, interact with people and make friends fight monsters.

MU Origin 2 APK

In addition, the summoned beast is also an animal that supports you. When raising summoned beasts, they will help you fight monsters and have a higher chance of dropping items. Upgrade your summoned beasts to high levels to make them stronger. The summoned beast is both a pet, a companion, and also an accessory. Therefore, choose a summoned beast that suits your appearance and characteristics.


  • The role-playing game as a warrior fights online and explores the vast world with many exciting things.
  • Build your character by designing your character’s appearance and choosing the right skills: swordsman, mage, archer.
  • Participate in monster battles to get experience points and collect coins and gems. They are instrumental in buying costumes, equipment, and upgrade attributes.
  • For large monsters, team up with your friends to fight it together.
  • Nurturing spirit beasts to travel the world together will keep you company and help you fight monsters.

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