Last updated: June 23, 2021

PublisherMy Town Games Ltd
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Becoming a doctor has never been easier with the help of My City Hospital APK. The popular simulation series of the developer My Town Games Ltd continues to release a new super product. Download the APK file we provide to become one of the earliest players to experience My City Hospital.

Introducing My City Hospital APK

 My City : Hospital APK

My City simulation series seems to be too familiar to everyone, especially those with young children because the games in this series are considered to have very good educational abilities. The sequel to My City released titled My City : Hospital was quickly gaining popularity. The new journey has already started, this time you will transform into doctors and nurses who will wholeheartedly help the patients! Sounds very interesting right, are you ready to explore this game yet?

Become a dedicated doctor to your patients

If in real life to become a true doctor, you will have to go through a long learning process. Until you are experienced and mature enough to be able to stand up to see people. However, with My City : Hospital, this journey will be shortened to the maximum. If you have never had experience treating anyone, there is no need to worry. Because My City : Hospital is mainly for children to get used to jobs, events happening in everyday life. All jobs have detailed instructions for you to get acquainted quickly.

 My City : Hospital APK

You will become a doctor in a large hospital located in the city center, so the hospital is always in the busiest condition. You can do many things that a real doctor cannot do. Being both an emergency doctor and a chiropractor specializing in x-ray,… You will experience many hours of stressful treatment, struggle with both time and death to get your life back. for patients. But at the same time, you will also get a lot of valuable hands-on experience.

Experience a lot of work

My City : Hospital doesn’t just put you in a single doctor job. Like other games, you will experience many different jobs. Become a driver specializing in transporting patients to the hospital. You will have to be both agile and skillful so you can get the patient safely and get to the hospital as quickly as possible. Or become an all-powerful nurse, taking care of recovering patients and welcoming new patients into the hospital. Best of all, your hospital is very large and welcomes both the children and the elderly. For each subject, it is necessary to have a different care regimen. Or become a customer care staff, receive urgent messages, dispatch ambulances, and even helicopters to pick up patients, prepare emergency rooms, complete documents, etc.

Interact with the open world

 My City : Hospital APK

My City : Hospital offers more than 8 different interesting places for players to explore. These include hospitals (with many different clinics), private homes, childcare rooms, laboratories, etc.). They are designed as extremely detailed, realistic simulations of real life. In addition, the game also offers new characters including doctors (family doctor, medical specialist, surgeon), family, newborn babies, etc. My City : Hospital is like a digital dollhouse, where you can interact, touch and use any of the widgets or characters that appear in this game.

Connect with friends and other games from the My City series

Just like in previous versions, My City : Hospital connects with previous releases to create a virtual world of its own. You can chat, interact with friends, and experience many characters at the same time.

Download My City Hospital APK for Android

Overall, My City Hospital is still doing very well with the goals that the publisher originally set out. The game has bright, vivid graphics suitable for children aged three and up. Download My City Hospital APK at MODDER.ME to let your children experience the most rewarding games.