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My Mini Mart MOD APK v1.18.45 (Unlimited Money)

My Mini Mart MOD APK v1.18.45 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 25-04-2024 (3 months ago)
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My Mini Mart
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Unlimited Money
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My Mini Mart Mod APK (Unlimited Money) gives players a new relaxing moment, build your own mini supermarket, and operate it all by yourself. My Mini Mart MOD APK is a chain store management simulation game. Players take the role of the founder of a Mini Mart, you will decide what products you sell. Go from planting and raising animals to harvesting and putting the finished products on your stalls. You have to arrange everything to run smoothly, always meet customers’ needs or they will leave and give your store a bad review. Whether this business will grow to where, quickly join and find out.


A special feature of My Mini Mart is that you both produce and sell the products you make yourself. Initially, the game gives you some basic seeds like tomatoes, wheat, etc. You have to grow these plants yourself in the allowed area, after a while they will be harvested. At the same time, you need to prepare the stalls in the supermarket to sell items. Immediately after harvesting, put it on the shelf and there will be customers to buy the product.


The business is growing, making more money, it will be easier to open new showrooms. In addition, when leveling up the game rewards you with new plant varieties, including livestock such as dairy cows and chickens. A large store will need a lot of employees, do not regret spending capital to hire more people because you will earn more when things go smoothly. The checkout counter also needs to quickly complete the checkout, not to let customers wait too long.


My Mini Mart operates with a mechanism that requires players to have a better product supply service when they reach higher levels. Make sure you plant enough trees to get the amount you need. Besides, product quality also needs to be focused. If a product has been on the shelf for too long and still no one has bought it, get rid of it. Satisfying customers is the core issue for successful business.


  • Satisfy your business passion when participating in the game My Mini Mart.
  • Define business goals, build store models and develop products to attract more customers.
  • Ensure the quality of the products and promptly respond to customer needs.
  • The game’s graphics are simple, the colors used are mainly bright colors to create a comfortable feeling.
  • Simple operation, not too fast paced to create a healthy entertainment space.

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