Last updated: April 30th, 2021

My Sweet Stalker MOD APK is an attractive electronic novel for mobile phones. Are you ready for a completely new experience with this special novel?

PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choice
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My Sweet Stalker MOD APK

Description of MOD

  • Free Premium Choices.

When it comes to novels, you will think of books with hundreds of pages of paper, and they are dense with letters, even dozens of books like that. Come to think of it, it hurts, they really aren’t for everyone, just those who really love this genre. For that reason, many extremely good and meaningful books cannot reach the readers as the author intended. To make it easier for readers to access the series of novels, developers of mobile games have created an electronic novel, also known as a visual novel. One of the most successful companies in this field is Genius. They already have dozens of visual novel products published worldwide, attracting millions of downloads. If you still wonder if to find a set to experience this new kind of novel. Why not just go with Genius, along with their latest product – My Sweet Stalker: Sexy Yandere Anime Dating Sim?

Great plot

You play as a guy who is passionate about computers, currently running an online consulting system. One day a girl needs your advice. From a mistake in consulting, things gradually got worse. Although she is anonymous, she soon finds out about your identity, threatening the peaceful life and people around you. You now have two of the most important missions, protecting the peace of those around you, and finding the secret girl. Can you complete the mission or not? Or how the story will unfold next, only by the end of the novel you can have the final answer.

Beautiful design

Visual novels have a different approach from conventional novels. Of course, it wouldn’t be that they put all the text from books onto their phones. What they do is they cut up the sentences of the novel, divide them into dialog boxes. Instead of spending a lot of lines to describe their characters and feelings. Now the characters have their own image, their own feelings. Depending on the story, the characters will perform different actions, different emotions and you can directly see them on the screen. Along with that are the lines running below, it has enough pauses for you to read. Not only that, but you can also participate in plot changes by making choices where available. As you choose, the storyline will change according to your choice, which makes it possible to play again and again without getting bored.

Special choices

There is a difference in the Genius corporate visual novels from the other developers. Options in this novel are not free. Most of them are free, but for others, you’ll have to spend diamonds (an in-game currency) to choose from. Of course, when you choose to trade-off, the plot after that won’t disappoint.

Mini games

Diamonds in this game are spent on special selections, and every time you run out of a story chapter, the game will require you to spend a game ticket to move on to the next chapter. You are wondering where these items come from to spend that much. The fastest way is that you will have to convert real money into in-game money. Or you can choose to watch the ad, you will get a lot of diamonds and game tickets. But the number of ads is limited only, and when the ad is over, you have to wait many hours to continue. Finally, you can play the dialer, if you are lucky you will get diamonds and game tickets. It’s time-consuming and lucky though, you won’t want to see this dialer for too long.

My Sweet Stalker MOD APK version

While there are many ways to earn in-game currency, it is actually ineffective. Moreover, the exchange rate in this game is not suitable for all players’ money. To help cook you without a big purse, you can use our My Sweet Stalker: Sexy Yandere Anime Dating Sim MOD APK. The revised version makes it possible to choose Premium options regardless of price.

Download My Sweet Stalker MOD APK for Android

With your help MOD, hope that you will have a good experience with this game. However, you can still support the developer at any time by exchanging real money in the game. I hope they will release more and more interesting novels, reaching more and more people. Don’t forget to share your great experiences again in the article’s comments.