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My Time at Portia APK is a recently released adventure game. It is getting a lot of attention from Android gamers. You can download this game on Google Play for $7.97, or get it for free at our website.

My Time at Portia – A role-playing, adventure game full of fun

My Time at Portia is set in the town of Portia. In it, you are the main character – who decided to stop in this town to discover new things. You can interact with people, build your own house or find fun by building factories, farming,…


Currently, My Time at Portia has no specific storyline, you can play the way you want. If you feel this town is a bit strange, you can do quests to get acquainted with the town, with NPCs and get more information about it.

Exploring Portia

When you walk into town, all you have is a broken wooden house and a desk. Please visit the desk first. Here, you can create a lot of things, from costumes, food, jewelry, or tools like axes and hammers.

And to get them, you need the corresponding resources. They are easy to find in the grasslands, some are in town and others require completing quests to get. You should focus on crafting first because they are the key to unlocking new content in the game.

For example, the ax will help you cut wood. You can use wood to build a factory, repair a house or sell it to others. You can “compete” with others if you have a pair of boxing gloves. Or you can feed the pets when their food is available.


The town of Portia is quite large and has many places for you to explore. You can view the map to see what places are available and in which direction to move to get there. Each place has quest NPCs and interactive residents.

Interact and create relationships with people

According to statistics, the town of Portia has up to 50 inhabitants, and all of them can interact. Although most of them are friendly, there are some that are considered odd. If you love someone, you can chit chat, flirt and hang out with them, play games. If not, you can ignore them, even compete with them in boxing.

To interact with a person, simply move closer to them, then tap on them. The available options are displayed on the screen.

Let’s fight together

Besides the peaceful everyday life, Portia also has abandoned ruins and dungeons filled with monsters. Find brave comrades and fight the monsters together, so that the people of Portia can live a peaceful life.

In this respect, you should pay attention to the development of the character’s attack stats. Then search for the best materials to make weapons.

Build your character

My Time at Portia is a role-playing game, so characters have levels and can be developed in many ways.

As mentioned in the previous section, the character has stats on attack ability. This ability will be shown when you participate in fighting monsters in abandoned ruins and clones.

Besides, the character also has other stats such as health, defense, stamina,… Every time you level up, you can use bonus points to upgrade them.

Enjoy the fun of farming

One of my favorite things about My Time at Portia is that I can build a farm myself. Let’s start with an empty piece of land. Make the land, plant your favorite fruit trees, food crops. Of course, you can also raise livestock, poultry, even elephants, horses, and camels.


If you feel the work is too hard, build an automatic workshop to process and sell agricultural products, build automatic machines to automate your farming work.


My Time at Portia is the version adapted from the PC platform to the mobile platform. However, compared to the original, the game’s graphics proved to be no less competitive, when possessing sharp scenes and poetic beauty of the countryside. The town of Portia is quite large and has many beautiful buildings, from large buildings, built with modern architecture to cozy, classic wooden houses. There are also amusement parks, busy markets, and endless green meadows.

Download My Time at Portia APK for Android

If you are looking for a game to fill a boring time during the Covid season, play My Time at Portia. This is a game that contains many elements such as beautiful graphics, vivid sound, role-playing combat, and interaction.

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