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Become an important factor in a mysterious organization, carry out the mission to erase the traces of assassinations that have been planned in detail in Nobodies: After Death MOD APK. This is an Adventure game on Android mobile devices for ages 16 and up. A lot of conundrums are waiting for you to participate and solve.

About Nobodies: After Death MOD APK

Although new video games are released every day with different content, I think Nobodies: After Death is indeed much more unique. Because, it is rare for any game to let players experience the feeling of someone “cleaning up” a crime scene, hiding evidence so that the organization’s assassins are not detected. Don’t worry about the humanity of the game, I will explain to you the content of Nobodies: After Death shortly. Because of the special content, it is recommended for ages 16+. But also thanks to the novelty of content, the game of publisher Blyts has attracted thousands of downloads on the Google Play Store. Besides the impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars, most players leave comments that they love its gameplay. So what are you waiting for without hurrying to download it!

Fascinating plot

In the story that Nobodies: After Death set up, the player is a member of a secret organization that specializes in research on weapons capable of affecting the world. The purpose of creating such weapons was to confront the more powerful forces beyond Earth. However, there are some members of the organization who do not support that purpose, they steal information about global biological weapons and defects. This is very dangerous because it is possible that people around the world will be attacked by terrorists for personal gain. To stop it, your organization sends high-ranking assassins to track down all the fugitives and eliminate them. But in order for the police not to discover and reveal the organization, you are the one in charge of handling the scene, hiding all the evidence and destroying the body,… You must do everything to keep your behavior clear organization is not exposed. Will you be able to complete it? Only directly participating will get the answer.

Many scenarios are built

Assassins will act in many different locations such as private homes, offices, warehouses, gardens, parties, camping… And when the time is right, the prey is in their sights. will be annihilated. As I have also introduced, your task is to clean up any remaining evidence of the case, hiding the body in unexpected places. The situations will also gradually raise the level from easy to difficult. Therefore, players must always be careful during handling, even a small mistake can make you exposed.

Requires good thinking

Nobodies: After Death creates countless situations, which means that the way you deal with it must also constantly change, it is impossible to simply repeat. For example, there are levels that also require unlocking codes based on available hint information. But each level will have a time limit, you can’t forever fiddle with a code and forget about the more important task. Nobodies: After Death provides players with a number of accompanying tools on the game screen. Your job is to use those tools properly. For example, if you can’t decode it, use wire cutters to disable the lock system of that door. Or there will be brooms and towels to clean the bloodstains on the floor and walls.

Choose your own solution

Nobodies: After Death also designed many different locations for you to choose to hide the body. Depending on the content of the situation you need to think and choose where the body is hidden, where the least likely to be discovered. Each choice has a different effect, and things don’t always go the way you want them to. Maybe the police still find the dead body, but they have no way to find other evidence, you still succeed in hiding.

Beautiful graphics

One thing that impresses me and many others about Nobodies: After Death is that the game’s graphics are built with more than 100 hand-drawn scenes. Extremely detailed, vivid. It feels like we are reading a comic book. The game’s color scheme adds to its realism. It is really impossible to criticize this wonderful graphic drawing.

Although the majority of people gave Nobodies: After Death positive reviews, a few people said that they were annoyed because the game contained too many ads. To completely solve the problem of advertising, use the Nobodies: After Death MOD APK version that we provide. Unlimited money and no ads will let you enjoy your free time carefreely.

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