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Novels. Choose your story APK v2.51 (Latest Version) Download

Novels. Choose your story APK v2.51 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 27-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Novels. Choose your story
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Download Novels. Choose your story MOD APK to develop your own story and experience the simulation of love, romance, and unpredictable stories.

Novels always take us from one surprise to another. Through each page of the story, you gradually discover the world painted by the author. So what do you think if the incarnation becomes a character in the story of the novel that you write? It is completely possible when you come to the game publisher Ayist Games Novels. Experience a world built by yourself, making choices that lead the storyline to the end you want. Download the Novels version. Choose Your Story MOD APK at MODDER.ME page to have an enjoyable experience.

Novels. Choose Your Story MOD APK

At the beginning of the Novels game, it will feel like you are starting a new life. Play as a character in the novel, gradually discovering the hidden secrets of the game. Choose your own storyline, it can be a story of adventure, a dramatic adventure, or it can be a romance story. With many unpredictable details through each chapter, the game has a strong attraction. Make your choice and confidently step on your way.


All stories in Novels are carefully and meticulously selected by the publisher to ensure diversity, suitable for many different players. Maybe you have read through novels about the love of vampires, love triangle, or rise from scratch to achieve success. But one thing for sure, you have never experienced a character in it, how will you make a decision? Controlling the flow of the story the way you want is definitely a treat.

Some outstanding storylines Novels. Choose Your Story

Dark Lure: As a fairy of light, you are tasked with preparing the wedding for Dark One – a powerful mystical creature. The task is not easy, you will encounter many challenges such as conspiracy to be blackmail, the lure of forbidden magic,… How will you handle all of those challenges?

The secret of the school garden: The life of a normal student suddenly becomes chaotic when she overhears a conversation of a group of bad students planning to target the professor in the school. What choice would you make? Join the group of students or reveal the secret to help the professor?

Romantic love story: A talented screenwriter comes to Hollywood, joining the crew of a movie based on her script. But she could not expect that here she would meet the main male character of the movie – who changed her life. Will she decide to continue her passionate relationship with the actor or leave the love affair to complete a job well?

There are plenty of other stories with exciting novels waiting for you to explore.

Simple gameplay

You build an image for your character and make the choices you think are right. Each has a different choice, the flow of the story will go in different directions. Build relationships with any character you like. When you receive a confession from two brothers in the same family, who will you choose? If you were in a situation where you shared a crush on a man like your best friend, would you choose to confess or keep quiet to keep a good friendship? When a man is stalked, you choose to knock him over to escape or stop him and ask why? All are so attractive that you sometimes do not know how to choose the right choice. However, do not stress, confidently make your choice because it shows the individual thinking of each player.

Nice graphics

Novels character. Choose Your Story is beautifully designed. The 3D images are vivid, very detailed, and real, increasing the appeal of the game. Thanks to the graphical element, this game has attracted thousands of downloads and positive comments from players. There are people who do not know the content but are impressed with the game’s graphics and downloads. Continuing with the dramatic plots, once started it’s hard to stop.

Download Novels. Choose Your Story MOD APK for Android

Novels brings great entertainment and relaxation for players. The game is suitable for adults (from 17 years old)

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