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OK: Social Network APK v23.8.2 (Latest Version) Download

OK: Social Network APK v23.8.2 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 30-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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A place for you to build a virtual world with your own style – OK: Social Network APK. This is a social networking app for ages 12 and up. It integrates many useful features such as watching videos, listening to music, messaging, making voice or video calls with friends, chatting by live broadcasting,… Countless useful features are waiting for you to discover the break.

About OK: Social Network APK

Speaking of social networks, we can’t help but mention Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin,… These are the world’s leading social networking sites that are loved and used by many people. However, there are a few problems users will encounter such as information not being completely secure. For example, you message with your friends using Facebook’s Messenger application, talking about an item, immediately on your news feed page appears an ad for that item. So that means your conversation information has been tracked. Are you looking for a more private, superior social network? Let me introduce you to OK: Social Network, I guarantee it won’t let you down. Even OK has different features compared to many other famous social networking sites. That is why the application of the publisher Odnoklassniki Ltd has earned more than two million downloads on the Google Play Store. The comments of the users who leave the majority are also positive. That is the clearest evidence to convince you to use OK. Quickly download it!

New interface

The OK’s main color is an orange and white background, users are allowed to set to dark theme mode so that the background color turns dark. Feature buttons are placed vertically in the left corner including search, a news feed, messaging, watching videos, listening to music, playing games,… This toolbar is designed very compactly with each feature is represented by a certain icon. When the user clicks on the icon, the interface of each new section appears. Your avatar will appear in the top left corner of the screen. In general, this novelty is loved by many people because it is easy for them to observe the main content. Or if you don’t understand a feature clearly, you need to click and glance at it to understand and be easy to use, absolutely no difficulty at all.

Call, text with friends

An indispensable part of social networking applications. OK will also allow you to connect and stay in touch with your close friends, family, and close friends. Making friends will be based partly on the mobile phone number stored in the device directory. Your information will not be easily visible to strangers like Facebook. This is to prevent you from being disturbed by someone you don’t even know. Enjoy texting, sending photos and videos to your friend’s list. OK also has a diverse and beautiful collection of stickers and gifs for you to use. Users will easily find the right stickers or gifs that express their mood through OK’s search engine. Video group calling to share great moments together, shortening geographical distances.

Follow the videos you love

This is actually a much-loved feature of OK. When you click, on the interface of the video section, there are many things like top featured videos, live broadcast videos, videos you have uploaded, or your favorite videos. All are divided into specific categories for you to easily manage information and track. Even OK users can save videos to watch later. It is very convenient for those who are in the middle of watching but can’t continue. In addition, another very popular feature is Cast to TV. It allows users to follow TV series, TV series that almost no social networking application offers. Many users have left comments that thanks to OK, they can easily follow their favorite TV shows or classic movies, without OK it will be difficult for them to find those movies.

Relax by listening to music

It is not necessary to watch videos, you can listen to music on OK. The music treasure that this application provides is also extremely rich. It is also divided into categories such as Popular with popular music that many people listen to, or My music category containing the right music for you. Besides, you can also listen to the radio or listen to the songs that your friends share.

Lots of fun activities integrated

OK also allows users to share short moments of the day just like Facebook stories. Or join groups on topics that interest you, share useful information together, and learn from each other. OK integrates online shopping. Browse the items with their prices exactly like the e-commerce stores. That integration brings a lot of benefits. You don’t need to switch apps, just with OK, you have it all in hand.

To use all useful features of the OK app, download the OK: Social Network APK version we provide. All utilities will be unlocked easily for you at no extra cost. anyhow. Great, isn’t it?

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