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App Name Ola Tv
MOD features No Ads/Location removed
Version 17.0
Size 11MB
Updated on 27/06/2022 (2 months ago)
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Ola Tv MOD APK is a popular TV viewing application for Android operating system. You can use this application for any Android device, but the most convenient is still used to turn an internet TV into TV like a traditional TV.



A few decades ago, television was something of immense sense, and the families that owned them were certainly extremely wealthy. Now that there is no such situation anymore, most people can own it because televisions are now very cheap. Television waves are also broadcast free of charge, making it easier for users to access information. But for high-quality shows, or exclusive programs like football, tournaments, movies,… will not be so easily broadcast for free. You will have to pay a monthly amount to view them. Although the internet was born and immensely developed and is considered to be able to connect to anything. Those special TV channels still seem extremely mysterious, you cannot watch them with just a normal web browser. Developers now created IPTV, internet television. This is where every television channel of every country is connected to and is broadcast on the internet. However, you will still need a special application to be able to connect to IPTV, if you want to buy one for yourself but still do not know where to find them, Ola Tv may be what you are looking for.

Divers content


The content on this application is the TV channels available on IPTV, and it is IPTV dependent. When a new TV channel is added to the system, you can watch them for free. On the contrary, when for some reason a channel is removed from the system, you cannot watch by any means. However, you do not need to worry too much, the developers will always take into account that, popular TV channels, large viewership will be provided on many different servers. When you watch, the application connects to the nearest server to create a stable experience, when that server is disconnected, the application will immediately connect to another server so there is no interruption to your program. The number of channels available on the system is hundreds of different channels from all countries in the world.

Simple to use


You wouldn’t be able to imagine a simpler use of this application. Not colorful, not too special, all TV channels will appear as a list with their names. Just select the channel you want to watch, and it will be played immediately. If you want to change the channel, you can return to the list and change to another channel.

Support fariety of devices

You can use it on your own Android phone. But not only that, but it is also supported for use on a TV box, a device running an Android operating system optimized for remote control. Remote controls are also applied to this app. Or with your own television if it runs Android and supports external file settings. Because this app is not available on the app market, you need to download the installation file to the TV and proceed to install it manually.

Ola Tv MOD APK version

The original version of the application is now freely available on the internet, you can download it from any website safely. This app however comes with a bit of ad, which you won’t be able to remove in the normal way. If you want an ad-free experience with this app, you can use our Ola Tv MOD APK. The edited version removes all ads, you can safely use.

Download Ola Tv MOD APK for Android

This app is a cheat app, it provides premium content on a freeway. If you really love the TV content this app has to offer, you can pay for the TV service to support them to keep making even better products. Of course, it is only if you can afford to pay and that television service can be provided in your own area. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section of the article.

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