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Do you dream of becoming a doctor? Do you want to cure disease for many people? Operate Now: Hospital MOD APK will help you realize your dreams. Becoming a doctor has never been so easy. You will be working in a large hospital. A lot of patients are waiting for you to cure them. The chief physician. Your job is not simply to cure people. You need to manage the hospital in general, the surgical department in particular. The special thing about this hospital is that there is only one department. And you are the head of that department and also the hospital director. So there’s a lot of work to be done. But don’t worry, the system will guide you on how to play. Let you get used to the method gradually. Gradually you will see that everything is simple, not difficult at all.

Operate Now: Hospital MOD APK – Become a doctor who cures everyone

Operate Now Hospital MOD APK

Operate Now: Hospital Mod has full equipment and machinery for surgery. Realistic simulation, detailed surgical work for the doctor’s patients. The plot of the game is what made me feel impressed when I first played the game. The scene takes place when the main character is a 30-year-old guy who has a traffic accident. His physical condition is very critical right now. The people took him to the hospital run by you. Your first task right now is to perform surgery on him. You are thinking that when you start the game, you can start practicing right away, right? Don’t worry too much. Because this first surgery is the model surgery. The system will introduce you in detail on how to proceed, steps to perform. Then for better technique, improve skills. You need constant daily practice with the specimen. Step by step become a real doctor.

Hospital development

Download Operate Now Hospital MOD APK

The hospital you are managing is a very large hospital. But only 1 faculty is active. Because there are not enough human resources as well as medical equipment for other departments to operate. This is a problem you need to solve and have a plan to implement in the near future. The large hospital has many floors and many departments. You will have to manage everything in the beginning when you first enter the game. This time will be quite difficult and strenuous. The first is because you are new to the game. The second is that the workload is too large to make players feel tired. But for the mod version provided by MODDER.ME. You can invest in more modern and most advanced medical equipment. Recruit more nurses, doctors, etc. Grow bigger and stronger hospitals.

Performing surgery

The surgery needs to be performed in detail and with care. Just a small mistake, the mistake can make the patient not out of danger. Be a true doctor. You must not allow that to happen. The surgery will have increasing difficulty over time. Let players get used to the game slowly. Don’t get too pressured when you’re new to the game. I can mention some difficult cases when you level up. Pulmonary contusion, pericardial scratch, broken liver, traumatic brain injury, etc…. Such surgeries require professional medical staff. Skill, experience and long-term surgical knowledge. At the same time, you also need to be fully equipped with medical equipment.

Mysterious stories

Operate Now Hospital MOD APK for Android

In addition to the main task is to manage and conduct surgeries for patients. Operate Now: Hospital Mod also has more mysterious stories for players to discover. This gameplay is like the book and you are the reader. Discover interesting things, hidden behind the characters in the game. The doctors, nurses in the game. You can learn about their family, biography, background. See what they’ve been through in the past. This is also what helps you to recruit quality staff for your hospital.

Japanese games are making waves thanks to teaching feeling. Play as a single doctor in a small city with little Sylvie with unexpected situations decided by you.

Beautiful, realistic graphics, vibrant sound, realistic simulation. Surgery is performed in a closed room. Electric light, the image of the patient lying on the operating bed. Doctors, nurses are standing around to support you to perform surgery. Just listening to it is already interesting, isn’t it? If you want to experience a new simulation and role-playing game. Then come to this game right away. Download Operate Now: Hospital Mod to develop your passion and become a talented doctor.

Download Operate Now: Hospital MOD APK for Android

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