Outlaw Riders APK is a very attractive moto racing game that will bring complete joy and help you satisfy your passion for speed. Download the latest version of this game now so you don’t miss any exciting races.

Overview information

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Introducing Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers

Outlaw Riders War of Bikers APK

Currently, it is not difficult to find a speedy game that is really addictive among the many options on the market. However, because the number of releases is too large, you will not avoid the junk games released only by trend. Therefore, a racing game that is carefully invested in visuals and gameplay like Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers promises to give people who love the speed genre many great experiences.


Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers is a multiplayer online racing game. In this game, you will be transformed into a member of a gang of adventurers, roaming the deserted streets of the western United States with your steed. Saying that, in essence, those roads are not deserted at all. It always has cars passing by and you have to be skillful not to collide with other cars. Moreover, these cars do not follow any rules at all. So, be careful of oncoming vehicles and watch for the turn signals of neighboring vehicles. In addition to avoiding obstacles, you also have to compete with racers from many parts of the world. They are not even afraid to use tricks to win the throne.

Every race in Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers has no destination. In return, they are limited to a certain amount of time (usually 1 to 2 minutes). In each race, you will be provided with 9 hearts, 8 repairs, and 1 N20 pot. For light bumps, you will be charged 1 repair, slow down and keep going. But if you use up those repairs, your car will break down and have to stop the race. One advice for you is to use the N2O at the last moments. Because the calculation of points of Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers is according to the number of kilometers that the racer goes. So the faster you go, the farther you go, the more chance you have of winning.

Control system

Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers also owns a control mode similar to other games of the same genre. The interface is designed simply but not less professionally. On the left side of the screen are virtual keys that allow players to move left / right. Next to it is the accelerator and other assistance buttons. It looks quite simple, but it also requires a bit of dexterity because if you press it for a while, your car has deviated a whole road.

Become the strongest racer

Outlaw Riders War of Bikers APK

Because Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers is an online game, so it has a leaderboard that always updates the player’s ranking on a regular basis. This also stimulates the will to fight and compete with each other. Buy the latest cars, upgrade them, and head to the track to win the top spot. Are you ready?

If you are tired of racing alone, you can join a group or form your own team. Racing together, take part in matches, or even challenge other gangs.

Install Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers APK

To install Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers APK, you need to do a few steps below.

  1. Download the APK + OBB file we provide.
  2. Unzip the OBB file and move it to the Android/Obb folder.
  3. Proceed to install the APK.
  4. Open and experience.

Download Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers APK for Android

The championship is waiting for you at the end of this challenging track. Quickly download Outlaw Riders: War of Bikers APK under the link below to become the number one virtual racer in the world.