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Path of Giants APK is an engaging puzzle game for mobile phones. There is no need to be in a hurry, without being too quick, the treasure is always there waiting for adventurers to find.

Path of Giants APK

Riddles, which are challenges that intelligent people devise to challenge the rest, to see who can be better than them. Over the history of hundreds of thousands of years, human intelligence has increased dramatically, becoming the most intelligent creature on this planet. That is why they want to have more difficult puzzles that even the puzzle’s author cannot solve. Sounds funny right, but there are so many things, objects, means, … today made up of only puzzles among mathematicians, scientists, inventors in the world. Even today, there are still many puzzles that have been born hundreds or thousands of years ago, but there are still no solutions. This proves that people have to be more intelligent, practice, and develop their brains to have a better and better life. But of course, if you are not a professional, your intelligence will not be able to make up for the knowledge you lack. It is almost impossible to solve an unanswered problem that is not in your major. You can train your mind through games with simple rules, which everyone can understand, the solution only depends on your intelligence only. And one of the games like that, it’s Path of Giants.

Attractive game background

You will play as three adventurers on their way to find treasure in the snowy mountains. Yes, you will control all three of these explorers, overcome all pitfalls, challenges, that are the puzzles that the developer of this game poses. They challenge us to solve it and find that hidden treasure.

Simple gameplay

This game is a combination of dozens of mini-games, but each of these mini-games has surprisingly simple rules, such as placing 3 adventurers in the correct position, puzzle game, … What you need to do is select one of the three adventurers, move them to the desired location, click on the bodies to interact with them. Nearly anyone can understand the rules of the game, but as they get closer to the treasure, their difficulty increases. Will you deal with all of them, or will you have to give up in the middle.

Connecting people

You can play this game by yourself. And then you realize that nothing drives you in this game at all. There is no time, no danger, only one task is to go to the treasure, and their rules are so simple that there are no instructions. So you can play it with everyone in your family, friends. Solving the problem together is sure to be more effective when you do it alone.

Nice 3D graphics

Usually, in puzzle games, most will be done with 2D graphics, or just make 3D beautiful. But this game 3D graphic design is not just for beauty, the puzzles are designed in 3-dimensional space. The developer has more space for puzzle design, and their difficulty increases a lot. Light game sound, suitable for you to entertain after hours of work, study stress.

Path of Giants APK version

This game is currently released on Google Play, you can pay about $4 for owning, downloading, and experiencing the game. Or buy a Google Play Pass package to own it and hundreds of other games. If you doubt the quality of the game, you can try our Path of Giants APK. The version is no different from the original, only it is provided for free and forever only.

Download Path of Giants APK for Android

No ads, no in-game purchases, you only pay one time and own forever. Those are the features of this game, so if you love the game, wish for more content, or further versions. Your only way is to buy the paid version of the game. Of course, when you can afford it. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section of the article.

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