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Pirate Raid MOD APK v1.31.0 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Pirate Raid MOD APK v1.31.0 (Unlimited Money, God Mode)

Updated: 05-05-2024 (3 months ago)
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Pirate Raid
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Unlimited Money, God Mode
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Become the most aggressive pirate on the sunny and windy Caribbean in the Pirate Raid MOD APK game. A simulation game with a pirate plot suitable for teenagers. The MOD version we provide is guaranteed to be the latest for all android mobile devices. Between the blazing sun and the salty taste of the sea, the most famous pirate is you. Any enemy ship is easily defeated by you. Tasks in the game will be assigned in turn and most importantly, you still have to go to war to assert your position. Buy all types of cannons and explosives for your boat so that no more ships dare to enter your waters. Sounds very appealing, right? But to upgrade, you will need a lot of gold coins. Use the infinite help of gold coins in our MOD version. Upgrading a boat with multiple cannons has never been so easy.


Surely none of us are unaware of the once-popular famous movie called Pirates of the Caribbean. Even many people after watching have a wish to become a pirate to experience the battles floating at sea. If you are still wondering how to realize that dream, let me introduce you to the Pirate Raid game. Here, players will experience all the emotions if they are the captain of a pirate ship. Countless battles will take place that requires the captain to be a brave man to lead his crew to conquer the vast sea. Become a rich pirate. Since its launch so far, only on the Google Play Store, Pirate Raid has attracted tens of thousands of downloads. Not only that, but it also received a lot of compliments.


As I introduced at the beginning, once you join the Pirate Raid, only fighting will bring you to loot. This game will have tutorials for beginners. You will start your pirate journey in a small sea. The opponent is any boat left in the sea. Once you see the opponent’s boat in the firing range, you must fire. If you let them go first, you will most likely take a larger part of the damage. I’m sure that after just a few first plays, you’ll have learned how to play and are ready to defeat any enemy. Do not forget to constantly upgrade the boat, have more weapons such as cannons to increase your strength many times. You will find it impossible to stop this sea battle.


Don’t think the job of a pirate is easy, Pirate Raid will not leave you hands-free. Each time you complete this quest, a new quest will immediately appear. Random quests will be easy but also difficult to complete. For example, asking you to go to the market to trade. Or sometimes requires you to defeat all enemy ships appearing in this sea. If you complete them in a shorter amount of time, the more rewards you will receive. Just like that, players continuously level up and new missions appear again.


This is probably the scariest challenge in the Pirate Raid. If you’ve ever seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ve also heard the name of the Kraken sea monster, right? This is a giant octopus with huge tentacles. It also has enough power to sink a boat in a short time. Few warships can escape their tentacles. But the more difficult something is, the more attractive it is, right? The reward if you defeat the Kraken is also huge. Use your most powerful cannons to make this sea monster obey and no longer harm your ship.


In fact, the gameplay of Pirate Raid is very simple. The only thing the player needs to control in the direction of the boat. So the control screen has only one steering wheel in the middle. Since you are observing from a top-down perspective, whenever you see an enemy, move there. Once the enemy ship is within range, the cannons are automatically fired. The rest of the captain is to move the boat to avoid all the enemy’s bullets. But at the same time, you must also let your bullets fly them to the target.


After defeating other ships, you will collect loot crates, not gold coins. So to have gold money to upgrade the boat, you have to convert those boxes into gold coins. How? Take it to the market on the island, where there are merchants willing to buy back boxes of goods at a great price. You will get multiple gold coins.

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