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Pixel Art MOD APK v9.2.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Pixel Art MOD APK v9.2.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 31-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Pixel Art
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Premium Unlocked
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Become an artist and create unique pixel art with Pixel Art MOD APK. The game is being released on both iOS and Android operating systems. Or you can download the free MOD APK version that we provide by the link below.

Pixel Art MOD APK

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked: With the MOD version that MODDER.ME offers, instead of paying $18, you will be completely free to access the Premium puzzle store and not worry about being bothered by ads.

Launched and developed by the publisher Easybrain, Pixel Art is an interesting coloring-style puzzle game. No need for any painting skills, you can be anyone, of any gender and age, to create unique works through Pixel Art. This game has gentle, fun gameplay and for young children, it is like a coloring book allowing children to discover more interesting things. If you love pictures and love to color, don’t miss this interesting game.

Become a talented artist

In Pixel Art, you won’t need to draw, just paint. Surely you will think this is not difficult at all, right? Yes, coloring is easy, but it takes a little patience. Because if you paint the wrong color, it’s enough to make the picture much different.

Each picture that Pixel Art provides you have been divided into small squares. Each box will be numbered corresponding to the color code to be highlighted. You just need to select a cell, choose the correct color code, and fill it. After a while, you have created a colorful picture of yourself.

If you feel the touch makes your fingers tired. You can use a grenade or a magic wand to fill an entire range of tiles of the same color. Using support features will help your work to be completed sooner.

Diverse topics for you to choose

The paintings that Pixel Art has a variety of themes. From pictures of extremely familiar objects such as pictures of chairs, tables, houses,… to themes of fruits, birds to people, and there is no shortage of funny cartoon characters. . These paintings are all designed in Pixel format to make it easier for you to complete your coloring work.

Intuitive interface

Pixel Art is a game, but it is designed as an app. The interface is simple but no less professional. You can see on the home screen divided into 3 sections including Library, My work and More,… In the library directory, you can see your completed and unfinished works. To continue your work in progress, just click on My Work. To find more features, just click More.

Share with everyone

Pixel Art links to popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so you can share your finished pictures very quickly. Let’s color and share the works you like best with friends and loved ones.

Download Pixel Art MOD APK for Android

Pixel Art is a simple, accessible game, suitable for people with patience. If you’re the easy person to lose control, you can also download Pixel Art to practice patience. In addition, this is also a suitable game for babies to get used to colors.

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