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Pixlr MOD APK v3.5.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Pixlr MOD APK v3.5.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated: 01-06-2024 (2 months ago)
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Pixlr – Free Photo Editor MOD APK is a free photo-editing application for mobile phones. Download now the MOD version we provide to own the useful features of this application.

Introducing Pixlr

In recent years, the ability to take pictures on phones has grown tremendously. Anyone with a phone in hand can get great pictures. But the camera merely helps to record what it sees. To get the best photo, show it to your friends and relatives. You need photo editing software and good eye aesthetics. The most famous photo editing software today such as Photoshop or Lightroom requires users to have certain knowledge. This makes it difficult for the vast majority of mobile phone users. Photo editing application Pixlr was born in the context of many similar applications for mobile phones. What makes Pixlr able to surpass so many other competitors? Becoming an application that is trusted and used by tens of millions of people in recent years?

Full set of editing tools

With the built-in toolset, editing is easy. Select the desired effect in the application’s inventory such as blur, smooth, sharpen. Apply the right tools, to the right extent, and you’ll have great photographic work. The heal function that once stormed on computer software has also appeared on Pixlr. You can use a healer to hide defects of the image such as dust particles, ink stains, acne or moles,… Just use a healer to choose the point to hide. The application will automatically take similar colored areas around to conceal your blemishes. When you take a photo at night with the flash, red-eye is very easy. It makes your photos look unreal. The red-eye removal feature of the application will help you to completely eliminate this annoying phenomenon.

If editing on the entire image is not necessary. You only want to apply the effect to a part of the photo. Use the brush tool, select the effect you want to apply. Now when you touch it, that place will be edited. It’s convenient, right?

If you are not a person with good eyes, the auto-fix tool will help you. Autofix will analyze the photo, apply different editing effects to make it better. But it’s not really good, if you are still not satisfied with the results of Autofix, use the built-in effects. The effects warehouse is divided into different themes. You can choose the effect yourself until it matches the photo. Lots of effects are available such as classic, old, blue, wood,…

You can also add fun drawings to your photos. Along with photo frames, fonts are extremely diverse. All are ready to wait for your use.


When you first open the app, it gives you the option to add a photo from the gallery or take a snapshot for editing. Also if you don’t know how to make it beautiful. The application comes with pre-designed templates. Your photos will be added to the blank space, increasing the professionalism of your photo editing.

After editing, your photos are ready to be shared on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,… or save the photos to your computer for later sharing. Especially, the application supports high-quality photo export. You are completely assured of editing. The quality of the post-edited image will not be greatly reduced.

The MOD APK version of Pixlr

The app is currently available for free on Google Play. However, during use, you will have to watch a little advertisement. If it annoys you, choose our Pixlr MOD APK version. The edited version removes ads entirely. Advanced features and many beautiful visuals are also unlocked in our version.

MOD features

Allows offline use
Unlock many effects, images
Remove ads

Download Pixlr MOD APK for Android

With what Pixlr offers us. It is worth watching a little bit of a developer support ad. If you are a person with abundant financial resources. You can support developers by purchasing a Premium user plan. And don’t forget to share your experiences using the app to let us know right below the comments.

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