POLYWAR MOD APK v2.2.1 (Menu, God, Silent Aim, Unlock)

Update on July 30, 2023 (7 months ago)

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[ Player Menu ]

-> Godmode
-> Unlimited Ammo
-> One Shot Bots
-> Rapid Fire
-> No Recoil
-> No Spread
-> No Fall Damage
-> Mass Kill
-> Silent Aim
[ Movement Menu ]

-> Speed
-> Jump
[ Account Menu ]

-> All Outfits Unlocked
-> All Guns Unlocked
-> All Guns Max Level

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Menu, God, Silent Aim, Unlock

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POLYWAR Mod Menu APK gives players a new entertainment space. Shooting games always have a strange attraction and help us reduce stress extremely effectively. Coming to the game of the publisher Azur, you will definitely be surprised by the uniqueness of the maps and the types of weapons used. This is an online game, so players will have to face many formidable opponents from all over the world. The opportunity to form a team to fight side by side. Use new weapons, skins are constantly being updated.


When new to POLYWAR, players will be guided through some of the basics of the game and familiarize themselves with the weapons. You can join the mock match to better understand the gameplay. In each match, a player is randomly matched with another player to make a pair. And your team has to fight other teams. There is absolutely no appearance of bots, but all are controlled by humans, so fighting will require good skills. Each player has a different shooting style, so it is difficult to predict the winning rate. Only when you have a lot of real combat experience, you can easily master the game. However, POLYWAR Mod APK only arranges players with the same level to fight against each other to ensure fairness. After defeating the enemy you can collect their weapons. You will not meet teammates at the beginning, but each person will appear at a point in the map. Quickly find each other to fight together.



POLYWAR designed a variety of maps with different terrain to give players the opportunity to test their fighting skills. With each type of terrain you need to apply different tactics. Every time you start, you should move around and see the positions around you and know good defensive positions. When facing the enemy, if you can’t immediately attack, you can choose to defend. Then wait for the opportunity and prepare a good angle to shoot them down. Going with teammates is a good tactic in this game because when facing an opponent if they have a whole team, you will definitely be the weak one and give up.



To unlock new guns in POLYWAR MOD APK, you must reach certain levels. That means the higher the level, the more guns you own. There are basic weapons such as dagger, shotgun, Scar L, AKM, UMP, Uzi, Mk47, M24, AWM,… Corresponding to each weapon, there are different skin types. To get skins, players can receive rewards when leveling up or buying in the store. Exchange with other players is also a way for you to own rare skins. Each time you pick up an opponent’s weapon, your skin will immediately be applied. Add accessories to weapons to increase accuracy.



POLYWAR’s control interface is considered to be relatively easy to use, suitable for FPS style. Players see everything from a first-person perspective. On the right corner of the screen, there is a button to shoot, open the scope and reload. You can completely change the weapon used in the battle. Observe your health bar at the bottom of the screen to know when you need to resuscitate. There will be a small map in the upper left corner of the screen for you to observe the terrain and current position of yourself, your teammates as well as detect enemies more quickly. The transparency and order of buttons are very scientific, easy for players to grasp.



Novelty Poly graphic style. Thought it was simple, but it made players extremely excited. Colors are harmoniously coordinated, especially the design features of weapons. Extremely detailed to create a realistic feeling for the player. Gun skin is also a plus point for POLYWAR MOD APK. Besides, the sound in the game only uses gunfire, absolutely no background music so you can focus on participating in your battle more.



  • POLYWAR is the most rewarding online shooting action game on Android mobile phones.
  • Collect as many lives as possible in each battle to reduce your chances of being destroyed by enemies, experience fierce battles, and achieve glorious victory.
  • Control in the typical FPS mode of the shooter genre, providing a very realistic control experience.
  • Explore the different types of terrain in each map and master the battle situation, increasing your odds of winning.
  • Coordinate well with teammates to quickly defeat the opposing team, collecting extremely attractive loot.
  • There are tons of skins that are exclusively designed, providing different features for each weapon.
  • The higher the level, the more difficult the difficulty increases, but at the same time you unlock more weapons and skins.

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