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Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK v2.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK v2.7.4 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 07-06-2024 (1 month ago)
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Prison Empire Tycoon
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Can you afford to become a notorious tycoon and afford to run a prison, where dangerous criminals are kept? If the answer is “Yes”, prove your strength right in Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK

As you all know, prison is the place to reform and train criminals. Inspired by this practical problem game developer Codigames released Prison Empire Tycoon. A game simulating the process of operating a prison in the United States.

As a manager, you are initially asked to run a small prison with poor quality of security. Your job is to improve every detail, turn your prison into a crime locker with the highest security.

Prisoner management

Each prisoner has different quality indicators, to control them you need to know these indicators. If the prisoners are properly cared for, they will feel satisfied, and their recovery will be faster. On the contrary, if they are abandoned and not given proper care, riots will ensue. Therefore, upgrading cells and living space for prisoners is very important.

Staff manager

You have to manage the prison anytime, anywhere. However, with the workload is too large, this is not possible. Therefore, to be an effective activist you need a team of talented staff. Depending on the needs of the prison you can hire more kitchen staff, janitors, security guards, doctors,…

During the operation of the prison, be alert that some dishonest staff may appear, disrupting the prison. You need to quickly dismiss these staff to keep the prison running.

Besides possessing a hard-working staff, players can upgrade their working office to enhance their productivity.

Infrastructure investment

A perfect environment will help prisoners recover and get out of prison more quickly. In addition to upgrading the office to improve their productivity, upgrade the kitchen, bathroom,… for prisoners. Besides, building more football fields or canteen also helps your prisoners to relax and play comfortably.

By taking in more prisoners and helping them improve your quality stats you can unlock new prison areas.

Improve security quality

With the task of looking after the most dangerous criminals, ensuring security for the prison is extremely important. Control prisoners wisely by setting up guard squads or modern advanced protective equipment. A little tip for newbies, divide the prisoner area according to how dangerous they are.


Graphics are designed in a simple cartoon style. Inspired by Lego, characters from doctors, guards, prisoners,… are extremely cute designs. Combining harmonious colors helps the space inside the prison become more real and vivid.

Install Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK

To install Prison Empire Tycoon MOD for Android, you need follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK file below the article.
  2. Proceed to install the APK.
  3. Open and experience.

Download Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Basically, the game simulates the work of running a prison very honestly and in detail. If you want to try out as a leader, do not hesitate to download this exciting game right away.

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