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Update on September 4, 2023 (6 months ago)

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Become a talented manager and run big stars under your command in Producer Mod Menu APK now. The game has been updated to the latest version on our site, you just need to click download and you will experience this game immediately.

About Producer MOD APK

Being a good producer in the arts is extremely difficult. Coming to Producer: Choose your Star, this game will help you have a solid path on the road to building your artistic career. Because this is a simulation game, players will experience many interesting roles, but they will all be aimed at the common purpose of training and managing beautiful stars. The world of showbiz is flashy but not easy whether you are a professional or not. Show them your smart talent and smart strategies to become a top producer!

Train muses to become famous stars

The first step in the role of a manager is to find beautiful girls with the potential to become stars. You will choose girls with beautiful looks to your liking, then send them to intensive training courses such as modeling courses, actresses, fashion models,… Depending on the talents of each girl you will take them to the most suitable courses in that area. Because you are not famous right now, you need to pay more attention to your students, making them famous also means being more famous yourself.

After they have finished their training, you can have them attend more events. Receiving high ratings in contests will help spread the name of your star as well as your company, When it is known by many people, sponsors will automatically find you. This means your company will get more capital and you will have more conditions to find younger talent. There are also advanced training courses available to help your stars become more complete.

In addition to the main tasks, this game also provides players with many interesting mini-games. You can play these mini-games in your spare time too.

Conquer many achievements

Hardly participating in events will not only help polish the name of the star and the company, but you will also receive many attractive rewards. These include bonuses and the most prestigious gold cups. These golden cups will represent your company’s reputation and make it a lot more professional. The more famous and prestigious you become in the showbiz world, the more opportunities your company will have to make money through sponsor advertising or other investments.

Upgrade your company

Don’t get so caught up in your investments that you forget to upgrade your own company. Spend some money to make your company more majestic and professional. Build and install more equipment to make the facility more modern and comfortable, hire more good coaches and expensive training courses to make your star more and more talented and attractive again. Becoming a talented producer, manager or not depends a lot on your choices.

Great graphics

As a job management simulation game in the art world, Producer: Choose your Star is indispensable for today’s trendy and latest clothing collections. The game is always updated with the latest trends and shirt models to make players always have the best physical experience, The diverse and sparkling outfits will make you admire. As a manager, sometimes your job even comes with styling the stars. With a huge and diverse amount of costumes that Producer: Choose your Star provides, you are completely free to be creative and turn the style of the stars according to your own aesthetic point of view.

Download Producer MOD APK for Android

All graphics in Producer: Choose your Star are designed in 2D but still extremely eye-catching thanks to meticulous and detailed design. The appearance of the characters, especially the female characters, is polished and extremely beautiful. The design of the costume is needless to say, extremely outstanding and eye-catching players like real. Music and sound are a big plus for Producer: Choose your Star, especially when you stand on the podium and receive the award, you will hear the joyful applause just like in real life.

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