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Update on March 25, 2023 (11 months ago)

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Join the rescue of good people, defeat bad guys with hero Bob in Punch Bob MOD APK. A very fun puzzle game suitable for ages 12 and up. Our MOD version is provided for all android mobile devices. When participating, players accompany Bob through challenging puzzles. From there, figure out how to rescue a person or defeat the bad guys entirely. There are many situations that the game poses. To earn unlimited money and get more hints if you get stuck, the MOD version is the most appropriate choice. I bet there are many questions that make it impossible for you to think of and just stay in one position.


Punch BobPunch Bob

Who doesn’t like puzzles, right? What’s more, in the role of a righteous hero who solves puzzles to save people and eliminate bad guys. Here I will introduce you to a game called Punch Bob. A perfect combination of mind and body. In which the player is the intellectual contributor to the puzzle and the hero Bob will perform the physical tasks. It sounds simple but has an unbelievable attraction, tens of thousands of people have joined and left compliments for this game.


As I said at the beginning, Punch Bob requires players to break situations. It could be rescuing a kidnapped woman or stopping a bad guy’s business. For example, you need to pass the explosive crates so that you don’t hurt the girl in the hole but still reach the criminal to knock him down. There are many different levels that are gradually raised from easy to difficult levels. You must pass this challenge to get to the next level.


Punch BobPunch Bob

Of course, with many situations that Punch Bob poses, players cannot apply a single solution. Each puzzle is different and the way to solve it is unique. So every time you join a new game, observe as closely as possible. Understanding the situation is the only way to come up with the best solution. Let the bad guys know where to go.


In terms of graphics, Punch Bob has vivid 3D graphics. The drawing is also very funny, like a comic book. Harmonious colors are mainly creative colors that are fun. Sound prompts you to solve puzzles. But if you’re bothered by the background music, you can go into the settings and turn it off. However, both the sound and the graphics make for an extremely engaging Punch Bob.

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