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Update on June 3, 2023 (9 months ago)

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Are you annoyed while watching a video but are bothered by ads? Then Pure Tuber APK is definitely created for you. This is an extremely useful application for Android mobile devices. It helps prevent any pop-up ads from affecting your video viewing experience. Great, isn’t it?

About Pure Tube APK

It seems that none of us are unaware of the Youtube application, which has become a legend in the video entertainment industry. However, nowadays for users who do not use Premium accounts, encounter a lot of ads when watching a video. Before starting, at the end, or even right in the middle of watching them. That’s really frustrating, isn’t it? That’s why Pure Tuber was born to help you overcome this situation. This is an application that uses the same database as Youtube but has many new features, most especially it minimizes ads. Because of the benefits that Pure Tuber brings, it has attracted more than one million downloads on the Google Play Store. Publisher Pure Tuber Studio also promises to continue to improve this application to give users the best experience. Most of the comments and reviews about this application are positive. The rating is up to 4.7 out of 5 stars, what an impressive number! So what are you hesitating for, download it quickly!

Block all video ads

As I have repeatedly emphasized from the beginning, the most loved feature of Pure Tuber is its completely free adblocking. Often when watching videos on Youtube with a free account, you will constantly encounter ads, even two or three consecutive ones at the same time. It will make you uncomfortable. But still, with a video store similar to Youtube that allows you to watch videos without ads, it can only be Pure Tuber. You may still not believe it’s real. But with the Ad Guard and Ad Blocker features, the application helps you block ads while watching videos. It works like a pop-up blocker through the use of AI technology. Automatically skip ads, do not allow ads to cut into the content of the video. Users will focus more on monitoring and no longer feel uncomfortable in their own relaxing time.

New and friendly interface

Although having the same database as Youtube, the publisher of Pure Tuber built a completely new and somewhat more convenient interface for users. This application also allows changing the interface color, the way of interaction. Users are free to create their own style without being forced to use the default interface. Pure Tuber will also automatically update the content according to the topics you watch often, new content of the channels you follow. Without thinking much, let Pure Tuber suggest you the most entertaining way to try.

Upgrading video resolution

For a video application, of course, resolution quality is always a concern for users. No one will want to follow up if the video image is blurry, not clear, right? It’s great that Pure Tuber supports users through AI technology that automatically raises the resolution of the video to the highest possible level. Even up to 4K HD resolution. However, it must also be compatible with the device and internet connection you use. In general, Pure Tuber will help you watch videos with the best resolution, smoothest image without you having to re-install.

Provide convenient desktop playback facility

This is also a feature that free users of Youtube do not experience. Do you just want to listen to music, continue to watch videos but still want to check your friends’ messages regularly, or update new notifications? Pure Tuber lets you watch videos even after you’ve exited the app. There will be a miniature screen in your phone background. Only when you completely close the application window will it be used again, otherwise you are allowed to freely use it concurrently with other applications without any problems.

Keep a list of favorite videos

Although it does not allow downloading or uploading videos, Pure Tuber allows users to save a list of favorite videos in the application to monitor when the device is offline. You enjoy watching videos anywhere, anytime that you have free time. Indeed it is a great way to relax after a long day of work or school. Even if you have problems with mobile data, wifi network, Pure Tuber still allows you to continue watching if you have saved it temporarily in the favorites list.

Currently, Pure Tuber has provided a free download for users on the Google Play Store, but to use all its features you have to pay an extra fee. With the Pure Tuber APK version that we provide, you will not need to worry about any fees and still easily use additional useful features.

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