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PurrChess will change a lot of players’ perception of chess on mobile devices. This game is developed by AppGuru, PurrChess brings a relatively bold novelty when turning the pieces on the chessboard into adorable cats. Basically, the gameplay of PurrChess still follows the traditional chess rules. However, the change in the appearance of the pieces as well as the actions they perform on the chessboard can make the player feel very entertained.

PurrChess is the first mobile 3D cat chess with a customized board. These dangerously adorable cats are on a mission to conquer the king and his heart. Command your cat and try different starts or defenses against enemies around the world.

Choose from several different cat breeds and some of the quirkiest outfits to checkmate with style and flair.

PurrChess lets your cat play on an aesthetically designed chessboard. In addition to five different base suits, players can use custom board designs to enhance their gaming experience and set the mood.

Invite his Furrends to play chess with each other in PurrChess. Players looking for a challenge can search for opponents with various Elo ratings on the PurrChess Discord server.

Join our community and share tips, bets, riddles and even memes. With a little luck and some catnip, the player can sniff out the PurrChess International Master lurking around the corner. For a limited time, players who link their account with Facebook or email will receive an exclusive OBT skin.

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