Rabbids Coding MOD APK 6.1 (Unlock All Levels)

Last updated: 10/01/2021 (9 months ago)

Latest Version6.1
MOD InfoUnlock All Levels
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
PackageGoogle Play Link

Rabbids Coding MOD APK is an educational game designed for children 7 years of age or older to familiarize themselves with basic programming skills. Download this useful game right away to help your children become familiar with programming in a simple and fun way.

Introducing Rabbids Coding

Referring to programming, you will probably immediately think that this is a subject or job for students or employees. In fact, in countries with developed technology, they have been giving children access to simple programming very early. Exposure to programming through games helps children learn and feel more interested. So today I’m going to present to you a game called Rabbids Coding from producer Ubisoft. This is an educational game that helps kids think and learn programming commands through fun quests.

Rabbids Coding


Rabbids Coding tells the story of the rabbit Rabbids after successfully breaking into a spaceship, but he goes wrong in the garbage dump. With a desire to escape from this place, Rabbids strives to clean up by dumping garbage in the time travel washing machine. In addition, Rabbids had to extinguish the fire, clean up the mess, place orders for robots. There is so much work to be done, will you help Rabbids complete these tasks?


Rabbids Coding is targeted at 7 years of age and older, so they are designed with engaging themes that easily appeal to children. If you frequently learn this genre, you will find that Rabbids Coding has similar gameplay to ChuChu Rocket or Human Resources Machine, etc. However, Rabbids Coding is somewhat simpler and more visual. There are more than 32 different scenarios for children to explore. They all have detailed and vivid instructions that make it easier for children to grasp and complete goals.

Rabbids Coding mod apk

The levels of Rabbids Coding are sorted in increasing difficulty. The higher they go, the more diverse they are with longer programs. Children will be familiar with the blocks and learn how to drag and drop into strings. Rabbids Coding gives young children solid concepts and steps before they learn a particular language.

Graphics and sound

Rabbids Coding mod

Rabbids Coding is designed in a fun, animated 3D style. Rabbids are portrayed as somewhat irritable, hyperactive, and easy to lose patience. The colors in the game are bright with many vivid images, helping children be more excited and focused on their to-do tasks. Sound is a plus. Playful songs, melodies will make entertainment time more interesting.

MOD APK version of Rabbids Coding

MOD feature

  • Unlock All Levels.

Download Rabbids Coding MOD APK for Android

If you have a kid who loves coding or simply wants to program your child to code from an early age, then Rabbids Coding is a good choice to get used to. Currently, this game is being released for free on Google Play or you can immediately download Rabbids Coding MOD APK to your phone according to the link that we provide below.