RacerKing APK is a competitive racing game. Here, you will be directly fighting other players to become the last survivor.

Overview information

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Introducing RacerKing

Do you love driving a car? In the game RacerKing, released by Small Beautiful, you will be in control of crazy cars. Because cars are really difficult to control the way you want. Moreover, the map system in this game is so small that you can rush out at any time. Do you believe what I just said? If you do not believe, try downloading RacerKing and experience.

Gameplay and controls

The gameplay of RacerKing is very simple. Starting the game, you will be confronted with the remaining 3 players on a thick ice map. If you are thrown off the ice, you will be suspended from playing there. If you think driving is a normal job or like any other game like Asphalt then you’re probably wrong. Because the control mechanism in RacerKing is difficult. By gliding across the screen to control the car and without any assistive switches such as braking or knocking down opponents.

You will be in control of your crazy car until the game is over. That is until the other players fall off the ice before you. The cars in this game go at the maximum speed that you can hardly master. Perform ingenious and deliberate drifting moves to avoid flying off the ring. Become the last survivor. Sounds like a survival game right!

Install RacerKing APK

To install RacerKing APK, you need to follow some steps below.

  1. Download the RacerKing APK file below this article.
  2. Proceed to install the APK.
  3. Open and experience.

Download RacerKing APK for Android

If you are a lover of the new driving experience then RacerKing APK is for you. Become the ultimate survivor on the ice map and challenge all players around the globe to become king racer.