Rainbow Yggdrasil MOD APK 1.2.0 (Immortality, High DMG)

Name:Rainbow Yggdrasil
Latest Version:1.2.0
MOD Info:Immortality, High DMG
Last Updated:07/12/2020 (12 months ago)
Get it on:Google Play Link

Rainbow Yggdrasil MOD APK opens an endless maze with traditional Roguelike gameplay that promises to bring you many interesting experiences. Download now the latest version of this game and start the journey right away.

Introducing Rainbow Yggdrasil

Rainbow Yggdrasil is an adventure role-playing game. Coming to this game, you will be transformed into a girl and start a journey on a rainbow tree with the aim of finding the answer “Who am I? Where am I from? What is this world?” The game is currently being released on both iOS and Android platforms with a price of 3,49USD to own it. However, if you visit the link that we provide below, you can experience this fascinating game for free. Moreover, you will own some features of the MOD APK version of Rainbow Yggdrasil.


Rainbow Yggdrasil opened up a “white” world without any information. The opening scene is a scene of a girl with jet-black hair and crystal-colored eyes waking up from a long sleep. She did not remember who she was, why come here. Looking around is a white world with no seeming destination. In front of her eyes, there was only a giant old tree emitting a rainbow-colored aura. In order to find answers to the mystery of her identity, the girl decides to go up to the tree and explore things she has never known.

The world “color-changing”

Rainbow Yggdrasil has a traditional Roguelike gameplay with dungeon adventure. However, they are not real dungeons. In the game, these are called layers of trees. There are a total of more than 30 different tree floors, each with a part of the story and the ultimate mystery.

The interesting point in Rainbow Yggdrasil is that for each screen, your character will have different colors. By eating the typical plants of that level, the character will have their own color and power. The monsters of each cloud are not the same. Complete as many quests, climb as high as you will get more valuable rewards.

When starting to step into the rainbow tree, your character will encounter a cute yellow mascot named Norn. She will be your companion who will advise and explain to you along the way. With Norn, this adventure in the white world will be much less lonely.


Rainbow Yggdrasil has an intuitive, extremely simple control system. Most of the controls are displayed on the interface screen. Because the levels in Rainbow Yggdrasil are mazes that are moved by cells, so you can control the character in 9 different directions.


In addition to basic moves, the girl in Rainbow Yggdrasil can possess up to four different skills. However, you will have to explore all the clouds to unlock those skills. Although the character in Rainbow Yggdrasil cannot change her outfit (except the color), you can still equip her to increase her combat stats.

MOD APK version of Rainbow Yggdrasil

MOD features

  • Immortality.
  • High DMG.

Download Rainbow Yggdrasil MOD APK for Android

Rainbow Yggdrasil has blown a new wind into the currently saturated role-playing genre. With a unique storyline, many new missions, players have the opportunity to compete with other players on the leaderboards. Please download and test Rainbow Yggdrasil MOD APK, for sure this game will not disappoint you.

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