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Download RFS – Real Flight Simulator APK (Full Paid) latest version for Android to experience the work of a pilot in the cockpit, with realistic 3D graphics. You can download and experience it for free through the APK file we provide.

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RFS – Real Flight Simulator APK

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot to fly and fly to anywhere in the world? I know it was not only my dream but also for many people. But it’s hard to be a pilot right now. In addition to standard body metrics, you also need to have good health and expertise. To become a pilot, you have to pass a lot of tests in both professional and health. In addition, if you have met all those standards, it also takes a long time as a co-pilot to gain experience, as well as having to follow extremely harsh rules.

But no matter how difficult it is, modern technology can help you fulfill your dreams. The answer is to simulate the pilot game. There are many such games in the current game treasure, but not many to find a game with high authenticity in both gameplay and graphics. Today I will introduce to you one of the best quality games: RFS – Real Flight Simulator.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator is a realistic commercial aircraft flight simulation role-playing game developed by the company RORTOS. RORTOS is one of the most popular developers in the flight simulation game market. They even researched and simulated an airplane called RORTOS to optimize the features of a flight simulator game on mobile devices. Thanks to years of experience in development, RFS – Real Flight Simulator is extremely well built. Every detail is noticed and simulated almost absolutely. Join us to learn more about this game in the article below!


RFS – Real Flight Simulator has successfully described how commercial flights are operated, as well as how to control planes, use automatic modes,… With the description under many different angles, for allowing users to have more new experiences instead of just controlling the aircraft in the cockpit.

3D maps, runways, take-off procedures, and air traffic issues are the main issues you need to take care of. To complete the flight, you must regularly check the real-time map to see where you are in the vast sky. In addition, you also have to observe carefully to recognize unusual obstacles on the flight path, thereby making reasonable decisions to ensure the safety of all passengers. As soon as you see the flight path of your destination, you must contact the air traffic stations on the ground and receive a landing order.

In addition to being able to experience all the missions of a pilot in real flight, you also have the opportunity to see famous places such as the great wall, pyramids, sphinxes,… from above high. It will definitely become an enjoyable experience you will never forget.

And of course, sometimes there will be difficulties in flight operations such as bad weather, engine failure,… Now is the time you need to calm down to coordinate with the airport and make the safest decisions.

Quality 3D graphics

In addition to gameplay, graphics are one of the strongest points of RFS – Real Flight Simulator. The game perfectly depicts the earth’s terrain when viewed from above. If you have not yet imagined it, please use satellite mode of the map. The graphics in RFS – Real Flight Simulator are similar, but the pixels are somewhat more detailed.

Install RFS – Real Flight Simulator APK + OBB

Currently, RFS – Real Flight Simulator is the price at $0.99 on the Google Play app store. Better yet, you can own it for free by referring to the installation method below. To install RFS – Real Flight Simulator free for Android, follow us.

  1. Download the RFS – Real Flight Simulator APK installation file we provide.
  2. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  3. Open and enjoy.

Download RFS – Real Flight Simulator APK for Android

An extremely excellent simulation game, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for without downloading this game right away through the links below our article? If you have any difficulty during the installation process, please leave a comment to get the fastest help!

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