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Richman 4 fun MOD APK v7.3 (Unlimited Currency, Unlock All)

Richman 4 fun MOD APK v7.3 (Unlimited Currency, Unlock All)

Updated: 27-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Richman 4 fun
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Unlimited Currency, Unlock All
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About Richman 4 fun MOD APK

We all have dreams of becoming rich, right? Make your dreams come true in the fascinating entertainment game – Richman 4 fun MOD APK. Like its name suggests, players will become rich by participating in fun activities with rewards. Not only making money normally but it is also full of entertainment. But if you want to make money seriously, the game completely provides the form of investment in real estate, stocks. Meet many characters, talk to them for more ways to earn money. The content of the games is guaranteed to be healthy, so it is suitable for all ages from 3 and up. Join now to start the race to become the richest person.

Explore many cities around the world

As soon as you log in to the game, players will see the main screen interface of Richman 4 fun with paths divided by cells. Next to each tile is a different entertainment city. To participate in these games, players need to roll the dice at random, the number on the dice will represent your jumps. If you get 1 point, you will move 1 cell and 6 points will move up to 6 cells. If you are lucky, you will even win a secret prize without participating in any games. Which city will you come to first?

Join exciting minigames

Richman 4 fun organizes 3 main games including Coin Catching, God Shooting, Hiding Rabbit. In Coin Catching there are machines that fill money, players drop in their lucky coins. This machine will have a slide that pushes money out and only the lucky person can collect a whole bunch of money. Coming to God Shooting, the player chooses 3 machine numbers on the given sheet of paper, waiting for the dialer to release the lucky numbers. Hit all the numbers is the jackpot with huge rewards. Finally, Hiding Rabbit, you hide your lucky rabbit so that it won’t be guessed until the end to receive the reward.

Boost investments

Besides games to earn money directly, there are many other money-making activities that Richman 4 fun encourages players to participate in. For example, buying land and building rental houses, you will get rich quickly, have the capital to go to many other big cities. Or invest in stocks, this game requires more agility of the player. Looking at the stock exchange and choosing the code you will invest in, it is difficult to say whether it will bring big profits or not. But don’t worry, this is inherently an entertaining game, so give it your best.

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