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Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

The racing games seem to be too familiar with the gaming community. But when people get bored with heavy metal machines, people tend to look for something a little more classical. And thanks to that, horse racing simulation games have gradually become a new trend. Today, I will introduce to you a very popular horse racing game called Rival Stars Horse Racing. This is a game from the publisher PIKPOK.


Rival Stars Horse Racing opens with a stunning scene about a family that owns a racehorse farm. They not only have a horse ranch but also own the largest horse racing businesses in town. Unfortunately, it happened, a fatal accident on the track caused the business to suffer. Unable to watch the family’s property die, you decide to hold a horse race to revive the family. With dedicated horse trainer Trenton James and manager Sophie Martin, your goal is to win that horse racing event.

Thrilling horse races

At the heart of Rival Stars Horse Racing are beautiful, competitive horse races. The early levels are relatively short and easy. Gradually, the races will get longer, the competitors will get more and even more different ground attributes.

Controlling a horse is also quite simple. You can steer, brake, and push your horse forward just like you would a regular race car. In addition to ramming the effects on position, race length, and ground also affect your horse. However, do not worry too much, because the victory is mostly based on the level and the number of horses you use.

Daily mission

Rival Stars Horse Racing not only has horse races, but the game also offers many different missions. You will experience breeding, caring for the horses, training them for the upcoming race,… Completing missions also help you earn more gold to buy horses and upgrade other facilities.


Undeniably, Rival Stars Horse Racing owns an extremely impressive 3D graphics style. Set with meticulously designed environments and tracks. In particular, the movement of the racing horses is extremely smooth, flexible, creating a lively feeling. Sound is also a plus. What could be better than when you win and hear cheers from your fans in the stands?

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK for Android

Rival Stars Horse Racing is designed with mature audiences in mind. Therefore, the game is invested in both time and money, the content is definitely with high-quality graphics. If you are looking for a 3D horse racing game, don’t miss out on Rival Stars Horse Racing.

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