Sometimes you just need the light entertainment in Rolly Legs MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is enough to take off a long stressful day. After downloading the MOD version, you will have a large sum of money for unlocking more characters. In this Rolly Legs game, you will be racing against robots on difficult roads.

Overview information

MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
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Introducing Rolly Legs

Voodoo always knows how to please players by light entertainment games. Not only highly entertaining, but the gameplay is very simple. It seems that the creativity from this publisher does not stop. They always know how to refresh their titles on many different topics. And recently, they launched a game with their style of play called Rolly Legs. This game will take you to a running contest of robots. Are you ready?

Exciting Gameplay

The gameplay of Rolly Legs MOD APK very simple. A contest will appear 4 robot characters compete with each other. It will not be a sword fight or power, but a running competition. To get started, players need to touch the screen. At this point, your character will move forward along with the other robots. You need to master your character by tapping the screen so it can jump. Taking advantage of the steep ramps, when jumping will be able to fly far more than the opponent. Moreover, take advantage of the wind in the air to be able to use a jet so you can fly like a rocket. This helps you to reach the finish line quickly without much effort.

Sometimes on high, the umbrellas will automatically open when keeping your hands on the phone screen. It works so you can fly without having to climb bumpy roads. After reaching the finish line, the player will be free to choose the reward level. Through the way they landed, the amount received corresponded to each milestone. Therefore, after finishing, adjust the speed to landing with the largest money

Unlock character

In Rolly Legs MOD APK, there are dozens of characters waiting for you to unlock. However, players need to spend a certain amount of gold to be able to randomly unlock a character. The more you unlock, the more money you have to spend. Therefore, the best solution is to use the MOD unlimited money version that we provide.

There are three main character classes in Rolly Legs: Common, Rare, and Legendary. Each class will have different power and shape of each character. Help you to run faster than the opponent. Sometimes, players need to change the character to avoid the boredom of playing


Like the games that Voodoo released. Rolly Legs has a fairly modest 2D graphics background. However, because it is a highly entertaining game, the graphics background does not need much attention. Using eye-catching colors, and the sound system, the vibration system is quite interesting. This is probably the most expensive point of the game. Make it the most attractive and addictive game for players.

Rolly Legs MOD APK version

If you download the MOD version of Rolly Legs, the money you receive can open any character. Enough for you to use throughout the game experience. However, currently, we have not disabled ads that appear in games. To get the best experience, players need to turn off the network connection to avoid annoying ads.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited money: You will have a lot of money to unlock characters in the game.

Rolly Legs MOD APK is a simple and unique game. Compete with other AI robots to bring exciting entertainment moments. Voodoo’s games will not bring stress to the player through tough puzzles. You can download and experience Rolly Legs right on your Android device. Are you ready for a race?

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